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  • Eaglescout86 -

    Twisted sister is a great band

  • Qassim Abdullah -

    Thanks for your dedication during this whole time.

  • D.S.Hole -

    Is that a pledge pin on your uniform? If you are Dee Sinder really then what is the price we gotta pay for all the games we gotta play?

  • patfan76 -

    Not sure if you can help me with this, but heregoes...
    I have recently started playing a game (1356015) and in that game I have had the following issue...
    Not sure how the rest of you feel about this, however I have been battling Poland most of today. Every time I do damage to one of his units he heals them so they cannot be defeated. In my eyes this is cheating. What is the point if you can never defeat an opponent because they continuously use gold to prevent their units from being defeated. I view this as cheating and it does not add to the enjoyment of playing this game. How do the rest of you view this? I would rather not play if this is accepted. I have played in 4 other games so far, and never seen this blatant disregard for fair play.

  • JaMaiKa -

    hey, whats up?! we've been talking in facebook about a world/regional series or championship! what if we make a public opinion

  • OldDannyboy12 -

    How about a mobile app?

  • CapSteew -

    Hi TwistedSister. My game on block!! I want to play this game!!!

  • CapSteew -

    Hi TwistedSister. There's another error. If you increase and decrease the view on your ship's course at the end you can see your ship out of route!!! Thanks

  • CapSteew -

    Hi TwistedSister. There's an error. When i arrive on target with tactical bomber, launch bombs,than this object move left and right sometimes out of his appartenence point. Thanks and marry Christmas to you!

  • DangerMouse0012 -

    After u sent me a message giving me 5,000 gold and 12 days of membership, I cold not get it ay f my games it stops at the loading screen.
    It is the first time it has ever happened to me. what do I do?

  • donleon -

    game is down again. any clue when it will be fixed?
    know the band TS by the way?

  • Blacksabre -

    How do I report someone using multiple accounts?

    • nemuritor98 -

      Hi, report the player involved to let GO's can check it.

  • SM333ZA -

    Hi there, i sent kaiser M a message requesting to be considered for part of the team. didn't get a reply so i had a look and I and see that he hasn't been around since the 20th Nov. who else is handling the recruitment of game assistants?

  • gin -

    is it just me or was it something i did cause some times my damm roommate gets on my pc and looks at my things and has toll me that my rank on here in the call of war forum home page has gone down community manager was the closes i can to by the ways couldnt see any other major watch overs.

  • Kelemen Aron -

    (Germany) ich hab da eine frage wie kann ich ins forum schreiben

  • Eppdietrich -

    queria me torna um membro da equipe

  • Veterans -

    Is het mogelijk dat de community een wiki maakt? :)