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  • MontanaBB -

    "TACHERR" does not fit the usual naming pattern for a spammer. You may want to delete that comment, at least until he does something naughty.

  • MontanaBB -

    Thanks for reporting the video link spam posts. According to WiseOdin, it allows the moderators to find and delete them more quickly. What you're doing does help.

    As for the spammers, I really hate those bastards.


    • xXCooksterXx -

      Yeah, the spammers piss me off.
      Maybe they could implement a feature that allows only one forum account per IP.
      May prevent spam altogether.

  • challie -

    Nice to see you sign up for next PL...I just signed up myself

  • xXCooksterXx -


  • injinji -

    hey cookster, btw, i named a ship in game 2000320 after you, but i also took your country, sorry