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  • RorySeattle -

    How do I get the old controls back? On mobile now It’s much harder to select and add/stack units, and the information bar of the units is huge and takes up the screen so I have to zoom in and out to send units to the correct places

    • RorySeattle -

      Also the information bar is at the bottom and there isn’t an X button to unselect the troop already highlighted, please if there is a way to go back to the other controls I’d love to have it, the game now became harder to play. And really frustrating.

      I’m only speaking on the behalf of mobile usage

  • My_Chocolate_Bar972 -

    whats extra shortage? its dropping my morale quite a bit and I don't know why I don't have any shortages besides oil

  • alvar von haffen -

    Hay alguna posibilidad de poder crear una partida de guerra mundial historica pero con clave , de ese modo , un colectivo de jugadores poder jugar una partida de rol a partir de un guión?

  • blue44elephant -

    hi, freezy there is an unofficial cow discord.

  • Northernking11 -

    So how will me know if a scenario is 1.0 or 1.5 version? Have you ever considered an American Civil War version of Call of War? Or what about Commanders with a bonus? You track unit wins already. Why not develop a system where a unit can turn into a great commander? And be used in future scenarios?

  • Anti-moderators_2.0 -

    Freezy your moderators are abusing their powers and are not following terms of use. I have BEEN BANNED TWICE FOR SPEAKING OUT AGAINST IT non of the reasons stated in terms of use!

  • simon -

    Yo Freezy. Talk to me about hiring me to make your unit more money and improving the game

  • Carlos -

    hello, i have a problem with my account, i dont have my games in desk...
    Speak spanish?
    What can i do?

  • Harlem1821 -

    Hallo ich würde gerne wissen wie man einen Atomreaktor baut. Habe gegoogelt und mich hier durch einige Foren gelesen,aber leider nichts gefunden. Kannst du mir helfen ? :)

  • NOOB1433223 -

    hi freezy

  • 24clayton -

    can you make changes so that when we have a unit destroyed, it says which one and what province, and by which enemy unit??

  • Capraxia -

    Hi Freezy
    I have studies the Game's Dynamics Quite well. I have a proposal for the games trade system you may be interested in

  • Tin Military -

    good bye kraut

  • 24clayton -

    hello, not sure who to talk to, I have High Command and do not see many gold rounds anymore, have they cut back on the number of times they offer them ??

  • general Thomas -

    wrong, wrong, wrong

    Hi, I have a problem, I bought about 55,000 gold, yesterday I invested all of the gold into construction or production, but it happened to me repeatedly (about 5 times) that I clicked on gold (to pay for construction shortening or production shortening) but the time has not decreased ... I lost a few thousand gold (costing 12 hours cost 850 gold) ... I am quite surprised how bad it works, the system has such problems ... Can you return my gold that was deducted even though I didn't get anything for it? Thank you. Thomas

  • Saltimbocca -

    FIre at will (aggressive setting) is a complete mess.

    I am now at war with neutral AI's on my boarder despite having legitimate targets with whom i am at war with being attacked.

    Totally idiotic nerfing of the game guys - roll it back.

  • Hulabula -

    The clouds make it impossible to see your units. I cant play anymore. And the boardgame theme? Jezuz…

  • Urano08 -

    hello freezy there is some possibility that they include mines and minesweepers in the call of war soon

  • BombBoi_69 -

    Hey I was wondering how I could become a frontline pioneer member?

  • bobcat79 -…ake-non-gold-users-happy/ Please check this thread out

  • roger39bkr -

    I would like to know if there is a built in translator?? i am currently playing a round and one of my Coalition members is Russian and does not understand English very well is there any way we can type in our own language and it will translate my messages to Russian and vice versa???


  • 24clayton -

    hello, could you please add to the bottom of the screen, something that will tell us if someone is online at the moment, if not for everyone, at least for my team??

  • MichaelA -

    the new graphics are terrible. will they be changing back?

  • The_OOJ -

    ok freezy, look: You know the new renderer, right? I dont know if you where part of that project, and if so, this is just how I feel for it.
    You know, I love that new smooth feeling when scrolling and stuff... but i hate everything else! It does'nt feel like call of war should feel. Anyways, let's get to the point: Will this renderer be permanent sometime? Or will you allways have the choise to choose the new settings or not.
    PS: If you answer me, I'lll subscribe you'r account!

  • ike53 -

    Freezy, I have a suggestion to assist when reviewing a person's stats. The changes to separate stats from 'real' people to 'bots' has been great! I now find myself when looking at a person's stats to take the number of kills and divide it by the number of games to see how many real people they avg killing per game. This stat allows me to know if the player averages a high number of kills per game and I treat them differently when attacking or considering alliances. Obviously it is an easy add-on if you all deem it worthy so I don't have to calc all the time...

  • Fulerene -

    I keep requesting, but not receiving email.can help with that?

  • Max Leon -

    Is it not possible to change your name in the game?

  • RedBeerd -

    My biggest problem is the game is not mobile app friendly. Why make an app if you can't do all that PC players can. Here are the things:
    1) can't apply or join Alliances bc you can't scroll down or anything except click on the alliance name.
    2) Cant make new games, so you have to wait for someone to make one and by that time most or the country you want to play as is taken.
    3) Can't see the game time for that match to see when the day reset is
    4) can't copy and paste conversations from other chats

    All of these I have stated multiple times in the God for saken frequent pop up of rating the game/suggestions when playing this game. Please it's annoying every other day eating your game and putting in serious suggestions.

    Amazing game and keep up the good work.

    Oh and lastly I think it's stupid my troops don't defend automatically when attacked in a city/territory. My troops die a lot in the night while sleeping bc someone attacks and they don't fight. That's a big bug.

    Thank you and have a great day

  • Odense Prince -

    Hello.. Are you Admin? please contact me..