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  • Jepicyall -

    Wow you are veteran

    • NashBean -

      Yes, and a want to be Programmer.

  • Somanta -

    Hi Freezy;
    I wrote to the spanish support but seems that nobody hears. I want to report a bunch of players, without alliance, they enter at the games 10 players or so, 2 or 3 of them are farmers...where I need to write? I have all the details.

    • Hornetkeeper -

      Depends if they even fit the definition of wolfpacking. If they really focus on outnumbering and destroying all other players and winning the game easily, it mostly does (depends on other context as well though). If they join games and compete in them like normal, or roleplay, but don't gang up into a group of 3+, they should be fine.
      Anyway, there are game operators to judge this. If you're not getting a response from the Spanish support and those 10 players are still playing (they might not be as you don't get informed about the punishments/outcomes due to privacy issues), I recommend contacting EN support. Our Czech community is very dead as well, and contacting higher-ups is often not the solution. If you've entered a game while having English set (and so it gives you access to EN chat), send a report from that game.
      Tip: Please be careful and don't mention usernames or personal info in public. Privacy is valued there and we try to make troublemakers stop without public intervention, as it may make them feel unwelcome and anger them or cause public disputes.

    • Somanta -

      Ey, Dêkuju Hornet. They are careful, having fake-wars against each other, sharing maps some of them with others players to control everything...Ah, I miss the old days in the spanish server, people playing with honor...jajaj. Of course I'm not to mention names in public, don't worry. See you and thank you for your answer.

  • simon -

    Greetings Freezy. I am still wondering why, after five weeks since my coalition victory, that my achievement statistics have still not been added to. How long does it take?

    • Hornetkeeper -

      If the game was unranked (common for player- or GO- made games), the victory won't be added at all.
      Ranked periods affect the adding of kills or buildings to your stats and the points for them, but the victory and gold would still be added, so that's not the issue.
      Games are removed from your list and access to all the data denied 14 days after the end of the game, so your victory should've been added now. If you're sure it was a ranked game (a generic, not event or player-made map) and the victory wasn't added, please submit a support ticket instead, which will be processed by the game operators and, if it's a serious bug, forwarded.
      On mobile, tap More at the lower right, then Support. On PC, click the gear ("Show settings") in the bottom right corner, then the envelope (one of the icons that pop up in a column, called "Request support"). If you can't find the bug report category submit it as Gameplay Problem.

  • MiloK32 -

    jesus christ 91 followers

  • Fox-Company -

    ooh a Game Designer

  • Hans_ze_panzer -

    woah a game designer, I like the new look of the map, darker, it looks nice.

  • Alexandera Nevsky -

    lmfao freezy has more followers than visitors.

    • Ryan04px2025 -

      Visitors are just recent ones

  • Tre -


  • Aritemis -

    Does freezy even check his/her wall?

  • Tre -

    Freezy What is a FR Senior Moderator vs a pl Senior Moderator

    • MiloK32 -

      I honestly don't know

    • DoctorDR1 -

      FR Senior Moderator is the SMOD for the French server, PL Senior Moderator is the SMOD for the Polish server.

  • GrandEmpire -

    you are poo

    • MiloK32 -

      edit that

    • Aritemis -

      No wonder you were... hammered GrandEmpire

  • Tre -

    freezey, to whom it may concern taking away canvas completely has started episodes of swearing and fights

    • MiloK32 -

      @Tre There is exactly 0% chance of canvas returning

  • maxim1963 -

    ciao continuo a chiedere come fare il mio gioco e fermo si apre grafica parte risorse ma del resto nulla già avvisato dicono di passare modalità ridotta ma non succede nulla tu puoi aiutarmi a capire che succede??

  • GrandEmpire -

    #RestoreCanvas listen to minority

    • MiloK32 -

      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You are not the minority

  • CL-55 -

    freezy, call of war all day long. This is an amazing game. But, getting rid of canvas graphics mode is a very bad idea. This is never a game about graphics. A SEGA has better graphics. COW is about strategy. The playes that get Hich Command don't care about what the map looks like, just how to play it. Sure, enhanced has its benefits. Lots of players like it. But, the bad out ways the good. For instance, the City name font is too big. units can get lost behind city names.

    I get that the coding could prove an issue. In conclusion, fading out classic and canvas graphics is going to annoy your most loyal players, those of us that will buy High Command every year. I've checked out supremacy and ww3. There's no game culture there. Call of War has a very committed core ground of thousands of players.

    I'm liking some parts of 1.5. It does have move levels. That was something I was worried about with the morale changes.

    To wrap it up, cutting out classic/canvas graphics is just a bad idea. Everyone I've talked to that plays every day is annoyed. There's bugs, like unable to zoom. also - just glitchy overall.


  • Silent white -

    Please make all countries all in a permanent mode! Everyone I’ve met loves this mode, therefore with the success the mode has given it should be permanent.

    • Silent white -

      Please bro this would make my world

    • Silent white -

      Bitte machen Sie alle Länder zu einem permanenten Modus! Jeder, den ich getroffen habe, liebt diesen Modus, daher sollte er mit dem Erfolg, den der Modus gegeben hat, dauerhaft sein.

    • RBoi200 -

      freezy doesn't reply to wall posts, make a thread about it

  • Vincent the Furry -

    Is there a way u can chang my name to KonekotheNeko if possible

    • RBoi200 -

      Ask OutKast

  • David Huck -

    Hi, wegen meiner Frage vorhin... kann man nun auf Smartphone inaktive Spieler kicken oder geht das nicht? Also als Spielleiter...
    Danke schon mal für ne Antwort.


    Hey, will you see my concept for mobile interface? The current one hasn't been updated for a long time so changes could be made.…-new-interface-on-mobile/

  • RorySeattle -

    I asked about the classic games and how to tell them apart. U said if it doesn’t say classic it’s 1.5. But I played pacific map and it’s not 1.5

    • DoctorDR1 -

      The only Classic maps that currently are playable are the 25p HWW, the 100p WaW, and the 22p Clash of Nations. This means that all Pacific Conquest maps are now 1.5.

  • Loukas Nikolaides -

    Hi. My question is why Isnt Greece active?

    • DoctorDR1 -

      Many countries are not played by active players because they are too small. There is an event map mode (for the 25p Historical map) where all countries are played by humans. It's called All Countries: All In, and it comes up in the rotation regularly.

    • Loukas Nikolaides -

      Thanks for your reply


    hey how can i become a game designer? i love this game and play alot im talking like 15 maps at a time. My favorite so far are the speed rounds i like the feeling of being scared to fall asleep if i cant become an game designer then could you create sped up games for all scenario thus far especially would liken to see amarican home front game like 10x speed that would get CRAZY.

  • Holly. -

    Can we have a game with the Confederacy involved?

    • MiloK32 -

      Southern United States, Europe Clash of Nations

  • Holly. -

    ​An Idea for an alternate WW2 special is America has lost the Civil war against the Confederate States of America And Texas has decreed independence​ from both nations receiving its old territory before the Mexican American War. The Confederacy continues to work towards the idea of the Golden Circle, annexing Cuba and dividing Mexico with European powers. The Confederacy becomes the Second most influential country in the western hemisphere after America. Due to the Americans losing the Civil war, they do not take part in WW1. This Allows Germany to win, but Austria-Hungary still collapses. The White Army wins in Russia due to German support after the war. Italy, Austria, Greece, Romania, and Japan are Fascist. France and Spain fall to Communism. Britain returns to imperialism. France loses all of its colonies to Germany but Britain holds onto their colonies due to a white peace to end the war. Support from Germany and Russia allows the Qing Dynasty to survive, but the Civil war continues. I think that this would be an Interesting game Idea. Ask me if you need anything.

  • My_Chocolate_Bar972 -

    whats extra shortage? its dropping my morale quite a bit and I don't know why I don't have any shortages besides oil

  • alvar von haffen -

    Hay alguna posibilidad de poder crear una partida de guerra mundial historica pero con clave , de ese modo , un colectivo de jugadores poder jugar una partida de rol a partir de un guión?

  • blue44elephant -

    hi, freezy there is an unofficial cow discord.

  • Northernking11 -

    So how will me know if a scenario is 1.0 or 1.5 version? Have you ever considered an American Civil War version of Call of War? Or what about Commanders with a bonus? You track unit wins already. Why not develop a system where a unit can turn into a great commander? And be used in future scenarios?

  • Anti-moderators_2.0 -

    Freezy your moderators are abusing their powers and are not following terms of use. I have BEEN BANNED TWICE FOR SPEAKING OUT AGAINST IT non of the reasons stated in terms of use!

  • simon -

    Yo Freezy. Talk to me about hiring me to make your unit more money and improving the game