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  • gazsom -

    I have a query in regards game# 3185579 this has been going on for 54 days now, and I want to finish this game before moving on to another. I have noticed the other 3 players left in the game are playing other games and are not giving this game the attention that it needs to finish it, we have had a coalition of 5 players then suddenly one player left, and has left large task to finish and take over the empty spot he once filled. The AI players left, have gone crazy, Manchuko and Ma-Clique which have 5 or 8 percent Global morale and creating a very mosiac pattern of political colours accross the map, making it nearly impossible to get this game to finish quickly. What to do?

  • ChaosWarlord -

    To all of you who are looking for help here, I am unable to assist you in this manner. Please use the in game ticket system or submit a help ticket from the Call of War Homepage.

    Para todos vocês que procuram ajuda aqui, não posso ajudá-lo dessa maneira. Por favor, use o sistema de tickets no jogo ou envie um ticket de ajuda na página inicial do Call of War.

    Para todos ustedes que buscan ayuda aquí, no puedo ayudarlos de esta manera. Utiliza el sistema de tickets del juego o envía un ticket de ayuda desde la página de inicio de Call of War.

    Wszystkim z was, którzy szukają tutaj pomocy, nie jestem w stanie wam pomóc w ten sposób. Skorzystaj z systemu biletów w grze lub prześlij bilet pomocy ze strony głównej Call of War.

    Для всех вас, кто ищет здесь помощь, я не могу вам помочь таким образом. Пожалуйста, используйте систему тикетов в игре или отправьте билет помощи на главной странице Call of War.

    À vous tous qui cherchez de l'aide ici, je ne peux pas vous aider de cette manière. Veuillez utiliser le système de tickets en jeu ou soumettre un ticket d'aide sur la page d'accueil de Call of War.

    Allen, die hier Hilfe suchen, kann ich auf diese Weise nicht weiterhelfen. Bitte benutze das Ticket-System im Spiel oder sende ein Hilfeticket von der Call of War-Homepage.

    Voor iedereen die hier hulp zoekt, kan ik u niet op deze manier helpen. Gebruik het in-game ticketsysteem of dien een help-ticket in via de Call of War-homepage.

    Til alle jer, der leder efter hjælp her, kan jeg ikke hjælpe jer på denne måde. Brug venligst billet-systemet til spil, eller send en hjælpebillet fra Call of War-hjemmesiden.



  • 2868765 -

    hello i don;t know if is the right person but maybe you can help me... i have a problem,i receive a message to reload rhe game and now i can[t play,,,,i was playing in several games and when i press play ot show just imagine for the begining,,,yhank you

  • Zimny Kuba -

    Hi, we have a problem, in place of our player MarcinGL1 who plays East Ontario, someone from the mod has introduced the player Yamamotoo, please restore the correct settings and player MarcinGL1 to play on the map.

  • General Nightman -

    You need to get to global, this spammer is running wild.

  • miltil -

    me ajude. estávamos falando com um moderador se podia colocar códigos no chat, e eu dei um exemplo e perguntei se podia
    ?gireztilb lareneg o erbos irbocsed ue euq o rebas reuq meuq.
    quando eu ia falar como funcionava ele me bloqueou falando que não podia usar outras línguas no chat

  • Assodipicche -

    Ciao scusa il disturbo, vedo che sei un moderatore posso, ho problemi con l'account.
    Come posso contattarti?