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  • stirthompson -

    you guys know a lot about ww2

  • General Nightman -

    Japan had the worlds largest carrier at the time, the super carrier Shinano. It was sunk after 4 years of construction, by the US Submarine Archer Fish. It was never able to have any part in the war.

  • attacker101 -

    Random WW2 Fact: in October of 1940, several dead German bodies began washing ashore in Southern England. rumors began to spread saying that the German has invaded Britain, but it failed miserably. one rumor says that the Germans staged a invasion rehearsal but all the ships sunk in the storm. another rumor explains why the bodies are charred, saying that the British set the sea on fire as the Germans were landing. but indeed, all bodies German corpses washed up on shore are German airmen who died in the Battle of Britain.

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