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  • stirthompson -

    you guys know a lot about ww2

  • General Nightman -

    Japan had the worlds largest carrier at the time, the super carrier Shinano. It was sunk after 4 years of construction, by the US Submarine Archer Fish. It was never able to have any part in the war.

  • attacker101 -

    random WW2 fact: to conqueror the German obstacles on D-Day, the British invented a set of ingenuous ideas called "funnies" that were used for the British breakthrough. A few examples are:
    Churchill AVRE tank: fired massive 40 pound bombs that cleared away concrete structures.
    Sherman DD: a tank that had an extended and collapsible canvas to fill with air and a propeller to help it travel through water.
    Sherman Crab: a tank that had a set of chains extended in front of that spun and cleared away barbed wires.
    similar to the Crab, a boat was made that had chains on it to clear away mines in the water.
    Churchill Bobbin: a tank that had a bobbin and laid down tarp on the sand to let vehicles go safely through the sand.
    Churchill Fascine: a tank that carried bundle of brushwood that was dropped to fill trenches.
    Churchill Ark: a tank that extended to a ramp to allow tanks to go up a high ridge.
    Churchill Ark II: a longer version to that extended to a bridge to conqueror larger ditches.

  • EnglishLit -