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  • NexusDarkon -

    I have a game that i extremely need to play reply asap

  • NexusDarkon -

    Kaiser-M I dont know what is wrong but i have an issue with my account login. I tried multiple times to login to my account but it is not allowing me to login Its say invalid user name And/or password please send me a conversation

  • Johnathan Gulf -

    i wish to change my in game User name. i'd like to change it from Air Wisconsin to Johnathan Gulf

  • Johnathan Gulf -

    can i change my User Name?

  • vojska_srbije -


  • general Thomas -

    wrong, wrong, wrong

    Hi, I have a problem, I bought about 55,000 gold, yesterday I invested all of the gold into construction or production, but it happened to me repeatedly (about 5 times) that I clicked on gold (to pay for construction shortening or production shortening) but the time has not decreased ... I lost a few thousand gold (costing 12 hours cost 850 gold) ... I am quite surprised how bad it works, the system has such problems ... Can you return my gold that was deducted even though I didn't get anything for it? Thank you. Thomas

  • ike53 -

    Kaiser, I am trying to get someone to help me with a game problem. Game 2454992. I send to subs between Alaska and Russia 2 days ago and can see them but can't click and move them anymore. Today I moved a 3rd sub in that area and it happened to that one as well! Please help unfreeze my 3 subs. Thanks.

  • Jovane Wright -


  • CaptainATX -

    how are you kaiser

  • BD69 -

    sorry will repeat my post in English, - we are trying to build the community in the netherlands but if you have mods in the game that are openly discriminating against muslims and call the tieves without any provocation or reason it is not going ok. This mod Angela also banns players because she can - for example for writting a quote in English and without warning. I already play Sub for years and now COW and I love the games and I really hope COW is getting as big as sup once was but then you need the right staff on board.

    best regards,

  • BD69 -

    Kaiser, zolang je mods hebt zoals Angela die openlijk discrimineren tegen marokanen, ze uitmaken voor dieven en zomaar mensen bannen zul je nooit de community op orde krijgen. Ik loop al jaren mee binnen sup en nu ook hier maar je moet de chatbox van vanavond maar eens doorlopen.


  • Kaiser-M -


    Thankyou to all the players who have shown an interest in becoming a member of the support team. We read and discuss all applications but due to the number we receive we cant reply to them all directly.


  • Medic3260 -


    I sent you an application, just wondering if you got it.

    Thank you

  • 19Serhat -

    Guten Tag,

    Ich wollte fragen ob ich eine Weltkarte mit 100 Spielern selber eröffnen könnte wo nur meine Allianz teilnehmen darf.

    Dankeschön im Vorraus!


  • CapSteew -

    Hi Kaiser-M. My game on block!! I want to play this game !! Game n. 1,287,895 i want to end this game,thanks.

  • GeneralPayne -


    I put in an application a few weeks back and was curious as to what happened with it. I was also wondering if you could give me some sort of response.

    Thank You,


  • netikevin -

    sent u a messege about translating the game

  • VanironCZ -

    Was my message delivered to you yesterday?

  • nico111122 -

    Ich würde gerne als Game Operatoren gelten
    schicken sie mir bitte eine pm zurück

  • nico111122 -

    ich würde gerne dem Team beitreten.
    Ich spreche Deutsch, Englisch

  • Extreming -

    Ich mag , um für Übersetzer gelten
    Ich sprechen niederländisch

    schicken Sie mir eine pm

  • elihajsampateste -


    I would like to join the team. How may I send the information in private?

    You reach the limit to receive a new conversation.

    thank you for your attention.


  • magnus forteman -

    Hi Administrator, is the game down at the moment?

  • Giuter -

    Buongiorno signor Kaiser-M,

    Mi chiamo Vittorio, ho 18 anni e frequento il quinto anno di un istituto tecnico economico.
    Su skype mi chiamo giuteryan e mi piacerebbe aiutare a migliorare questo gioco. Mi propongo per servire la comunità di questo gioco perché appena ci ho giocato mi sono innamorato subito, è un gioco ben fatto ma ha ancora molti difetti.
    Ho iniziato a giocare il 21/11/2015 e ho giocato ad altri giochi di strategia simili a questo ad esempio: wild guns,ogame ecc.. purtroppo non ho esperienze relativa all'assistenza ai clienti.


  • mkv1986 -

    are you there? mp please

  • grisu1959 -

    Kaiser -M wär nett wenn du mich mal anschreiben könntest, bekomme nämlich von dir u. den Support keine Antwort auf mein Problem, vielleicht liegst ja auch an mir ist nämlich hier nicht so einfach jemanden zu erreichen! danke grisu1959

  • Stropke -

    Kaiser-M i need to speak you , bath the best way is on mail ( personal ) , it will take no big time or deal . This action is on demand to my , and i will forfille on it .

  • Blitzkrieg Chacal -

    Who do I need to speak to, to become a mod for the Portuguese server? From what I saw, there's not even one. I've already sent applications but no one replied. Thank you,

  • Carlos La Manna -

    wie wärs mit Carlos La Manna als Nutzername mfg. La Manna Carlos

    -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
    From: Kaiser-M
    Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 9:50 PM
    To: merlinhexer@hotmail.com
    Subject: [~INA-870290]: [Supremacy1914-Moderator] 1079815: Reported chat

    Sehr geehrte/r UserIn,

    dein Nutzername verstößt gegen die AGB von Bytro Labs. Bitte schicke
    innerhalb der nächsten 48 Stunden 3 Vorschläge (hierarchisch nach Präferenz
    geordnet) mit gültigen Alternativen.
    Eine Missachtung führt zu einer Accountlöschung.

    Die AGB findest du unter: supremacy1914.de/index.php?id=69&L=1

    Weiterhin viel Spaß beim Spielen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    Main Administrator
    Call of War
    Bytro Labs

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: INA-870290
    Department: ww2_de_general
    Priority: Urgent
    Status: Open
    wieso dauert dass so lange bis ich wieder auf s game zugreifen kann ueberigens hab nicht wenig Euros investiert Gruss Carlos La Manna dies wäre auch mein neuer Benutzername