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  • podporucznik Straus -

    Witajcie! Jestem administratorem gry I zapytuję Jak usunãć nieaktywnego gracza?

  • _Pontus_ -

    Sharp eyes :))
    Methinks the photograph was staged for the home front

  • MontanaBB -

    Sure, but where's the gas mask for the horse?

  • _Pontus_ -

    Well, that all took much longer than expected... Havent seen it that bad before. Hopefully this will lead to some real and effective measures

  • _Pontus_ -

    Communication is not their strongest point. Better get used to it...
    But I prefer this german-bumbling-around to chinese or US endles-money-pit games a 1000x over.

    Never had an outage last more than a couple of hours. So I am hanging around and wait. Dont want to miss the restart. I also have ongoing operations

  • donleon -

    maybe good to do some expectation management?

  • donleon -

    Glad to have serious responses. any clues how long it takes to be in the air again with the games?