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  • tankijunky -

    How does one depleat the moral of a enemy unit.

    For instance if i eliminate one major resource they consume will it lose moral over time and die.

  • tankijunky -

    i just remembered why i don't have an avatar, lmao.

    also im back to trying to remember things but for the life of me i can't find out if provinces need to be connected in order to collect recources (excluding coast provinces).

  • tankijunky -

    nothing to do, didn't imagine this site would be boring, no one socializes and i doubt ill ever be able to speak opinion again without being prosecuted. :/ idk if ill leave and just go back to game chatting, well see.

    • VorlonFCW -

      You created a thread to talk about tanks, and then didn't come back for a month. that isn't really sociable of you to start with.

  • tankijunky -

    hater gonna hate hate hate but they still the bait bait bait. German engineering lvl 1000.

  • tankijunky -

    cant someone just relate love for German tanks without being called a bloody nazi? seriously i understnad the nazis were bad hey its war but calling someone a fascist supporter just because he has a over fascination of whittman is overkill. i admit he may have been a nazi but in belief he was a soldier, a soldier who had a legacy that was respected by many who loved him as family and those who served with him to the end of world war 2 where he died fighting for his country and not a racist party.

  • K.Rokossovski -

    Please change your profile picture. Nazi symbolism is not allowed on this site.

  • injinji -


  • tankijunky -

    Ich werde jeden Feind mit meinen Panzern und der mächtigen militärischen Strategie meiner eigenen puren Fähigkeiten vernichten.