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  • Lellek -

    I present to you the idea of the new features the game that maybe in the future we'll see. What would you say to the ability to move lightweight unit airspace?
    PARAGAN, militia and cannon, moved deep into the enemy rear. Please let us know administrators need this feature will be available soon.

    Thanks Lellek

  • rt3600 -

    kan ik bij jouw terecht met vragen raketten doen het niet in mijn spel heb ook een dag gehad dat ik ze niet kan afvuren heb dit gemeld maar krijg geen reaktie

  • versace -

    ik heb me opgegeven voor de cow maar heb niks door gekregen? en geen map dus gekregen?
    kan dat alsnog?

    gr edwin

  • MrBiestie -

    Ik had mij ingeschreven voor de competitie, maar ik wacht nog op een wachtwoord denk ik :)

  • mc-zakaria -

    omer ik moet met je praten

  • Greenhatter -

    I must say Capt. I am getting quite tired with this game, as it fails to load too often in my humble opinion. I know it's not your fault but I have to vent my feelings to someone. Best wishes, Simon

  • donleon -

    Hi cpt Omer. i cannot enter my game this morning. 1316408. get message that it is not available. any clue?

  • Greenhatter -

    Hi Capt, are you aware of the glitch that allows rockets to be shot down by certain items with AA capability? If so, do you know what's being done about either fixing it or letting people know?

  • 2drakan2 -

    server down

  • Themba -

    502 Bad Gateway

  • Budgie1 -

    Hi can you help, i bought 30,000 gold about 20 mins ago but it still isnt showing on my game, i received the confirmation and it has been taken from my account.


    • cpt Omer -

      Hi, there are indeed some problems with that, Bytro knows about those problems and is fixing it at the moment