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  • simon -

    Hey 24. I just now saw your old post about being punished for comments on gold abuse by wild spenders. I totally agree. It is text book definition 'unfair.' The company, I see, has obviously heard and seen what a lot of pissed off people have expressed as 'cheating' and staunchly defend their position on the matter. Even warning good people who can't afford a 100 gold pieces about a wild spender's name (though a smaller threat to them financially) it is a threat none the less. I hate gold buyers. I get mine for free winning games. Check out my record. If this is the companies only or main or even just a part of their income, they will not take kindly to anyone rocking the boat. They'll just throw you overboard. I heard of some people who connect outside the game like on facebook or just E-mail and exchange information away from prying eyes. Probably just a rumor.

  • kieran mcginn -