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  • MiloK32 -

    hey pathos!


    I wanted to ask you about the complaint process that I saw in heading 3414013, a few days ago they told me that it was confidential I lose and I respect it, and they said that they were going to take the corresponding measures, I know very well that the complaint was isolated on the day 50, when there are only about 9 active players and only two coalitions left, and I know that he denounces three players in which one of them bought the high command, but it should be noted that 2 years ago I played a game on my old account in which it was already the 70th day and in those times were when convoys could be exchanged for silver or materials and the troops could also be accelerated to their destination with gold and in that game he went to war with a player and he began to tell lies about me to which I responded in a negative way in which I only said a single word in a negative way, at that moment he denounced me and a moderator sent me a notice after 2 days that I was beating the game because it incuples not rma s of the game and it has not only happened to me, if not to several friends, but in my complaint that I presented 2 weeks ago it makes me unfair that they have not beaten them or well even they have beaten the rudest of those who denounce, since they did use many words to insult me ​​in a very strong way. As they referred to me as gay, clown, worm and other stronger words, I hope not to bother because that is the last problem that I currently have and that has not been solved. If you require more information you need about the 3 bullies, be it photos or messages of their inappropriate vocabulary, please let me know.

    I will be attentive to your answer.

    By the way, I want to congratulate you for the new game that you designed for us, Conflict of Nations, a very good and complete game, in which I am inviting several of my colleagues from this game and fellow strategy games to play, just like I am saving to buy the 90 day premium pass, which is a good deal, I hope they do not reduce the days to that pass.

    • Jepicyall -

      Pathos is kinda inactive so doubt he will respond

  • Stonewall Jackson 2 -

    In the English chat we was talking about ww2 history and I happened to mention a name and facts that not in any way glorified hate or the Nazis and I got banned so is there someone that monitors the English chat in particular if so I would like to speak to him so I can get clarification on why I was banned

  • Eisenpoeter -

    in eurem Tutorial haben sich fehler eingeschlichen ;)

    Du wirs(t) mit einer zufälligen Nation auf einer zufälligen Karte starten, spätere Spiele können dir jedoch eine freie Länderwahl bieten. Du kannst das Tutorial überspringen wenn du möchtest. Aber wir empf(a)hlen dir, es zu be(e)nden. Wer weiß, vielleicht wartet am Ende ein Geschenk auf dich. Du musst es nur einmal spielen, also nicht bei jedem neuen Spiel, das du beginnst.
    also nicht bei jedem Spiel das neu beginnst.


  • Undaunted -

    We were talking about australia in the chat with someones I said australians occurred from sex workers and thieves especially who came from prison in short we talked about history not racialist but a moderator called james13t I guess he is australian he gave me firstly chat ban for 24 hours after this he wrote me a message dont talk anything about australians and he changed my ban time as permanently could you help me about this I cant write in chat

  • kalashnikove -

    i am a beginner, and I would like to have more experience in this game.. i would like to be added in an alliance suggested from you

  • drt545 -


    I had an account on here through my facebook, and I tried to get online today, but it said my account was banned. I am not sure why, I didn't do anything besides play the game. My email is I was active in 3 games. Can you please help?

    Thank you,

  • Codebreaker -

    I am a beginner; however, I have always been a history buff, and especially WWII era. I have been bitten by the bug, I got the fever, and whatever other euphemism's you want to insert here.
    Please keep me in mind, for whatever I can do to help this game succeed. I work a full time job, to support my family, but spend more time here than I should. I prefer English, but speak and understand polish, but not very good at writing it. I also would like to know more, I am slowly figuring out game mechanics, but it seems overwhelming at first. Please pass on my enthusiasm for Call of War up the chain of command, and feel free to use me to help out where you see fit. Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation in this matter, and happy hunting! I am a first generation polish/jew, whose grandparents survived the holocaust, perhaps they could add on oven feature in the special weapons development.
    Just kidding, although I find it extremely cool they added a bombs, wonder if this offends Japanese players. I hope not, was the only thing I wish they had in axis and allies board game , which this is a better digital version of. It totally ruined risk for me. Ha! Thanks again, sorry for the morbid humor closing.

    Your friend,

  • Jack Kennedy. -

    Muy buenas mi nombre es Jack Kennedy. Llevo jugando al Supremacy 1914 durante 3 años, tres años en los cuál he aprendido el oficio de la administración, he sido moderador de alianzas, líder de alianzas y estas siempre han prosperado. Tengo 22 años, nací en España, y simplemente me gustaría ser moderador ya que para mí sería un gran reto. Nada más que esto, me despido. ¡Saludos!

  • General Olivera -

    Hola !! He conocido recientemente el juego Call of war y estoy interesado en implicarme más.
    Me gustaría ser operador del juego y moderador.
    Me llamo Antonio y tengo 44 años. soy funcionario. No tengo mucha experiencia en el juego, aunque en los pocos días que lleva en español ya he jugado (o estoy jugando) varias partidas. Por otro lado ya en el mismo chat del juego he ayudado a otros jugadores.
    Estoy entusiasmado con el juego y desde hace años soy muy activo en el Supremacy1914.
    Sin más me despido, esperando tu contestación.
    Un cordial saludo

  • Xarus -

    Moin Pathos, magst du im Forum einen extra Bereich für Allianzen anlegen?