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    I am one of them Rude Players... And I am also 45 like you! And I will tell you WHY and HOW I became rude!!!

    I've always been decent and a fast learner. Played 17 games, 10 Solo Victories and 2 Coalition, 1 pending!!!

    In the Pending game I lost it because I stumbled on a player who used gold like shit. Rockets appeared out of nowhere to hit my planes, he had the strongest army but NO INDUSTRIAL BASE, He was beating the shit out of everyone like there's no tomorrow...

    Thing is that I've never felt so angry in my life. One round of this game lasts for DAYS or even MONTHS. It demands EFFORT to build stuff there. To see what you should build more and what less. It's a combination of effort strategy and logistics.

    And then comes some guy who spent his pocket money spoiling the game completely, ruining your time and effort...

    The million dollar question is: If I knew such a player would participate WOULD I SPEND ALL THIS TIME? Why did I WASTE MY TIME? At some point I indeed lost it. Made mistakes. Now he is fighting against 3 of us and we are all hopeless becuase he has the SMALLEST industrial base but the LARGEST airforce combined!

    So PLEASE UNDERSTAND. When somebody is Bitching, perhaps there's sometimes a REASON for that. And in My case are SUCH BAD PLAYERS Wasting our time.

    Go ahead and ask me if I have any mood to play. Or if the rest of the players have mood to play again. Because the best DOESNT always win. I would enjoy it losing from somebody who is better than me. I did in the past. But this is something I really can't handle.