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  • Tarskamos -

    Hey I heard that you can talk about bans from the other comments? I already created a conversation with you please check it out.

  • Urboy69 -

    I was told to contact you about my baned account because my friends reported me as a joke and I got baned and didn't get any notifes from the staff


    hey flem told me to contact u about my banned my username is wearethelegend

  • AksTheGreat24 -

    hi @Eminem2891, I was told to contact you regarding this topic. I was permanently banned from the global chat for apologizing, is there any way I can get unbanned? My account is AksTheGreat24
    I had a warning, and I apologized, and I was suddenly banned permanently dor noa apparent reason
    Thank you so much for your time

  • Heinz Guderian501st -

    Also, the second message was before I read your warning

  • Heinz Guderian501st -

    Hey, just read forms, I initially didn't realize because I skipped the rules and just jumped in, now I am aware and will follow them.

  • red fox2 -

    thanks for resetting game planes move now
    game 2703708
    RED FOX2