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    ok u are welcome
    if u change ur mind pls do come :)

  • gusv -

    Tx for the offer General ... I'm trying to stay away from discussion commitments outside forum- I'm spending too much time on this game.

    • Nn gg -

      Haha same spending too much time on this game too!

    join our unofficial discord server of COW

    spread the word :)

    • Nn gg -



    thx for the like gusv that was my forst one thx fpr all the support guys

  • gusv -

    No ... some guy writing in Chinese ... Got a woman picture too there ... May be we should report it?

  • Ryan04px2025 -

    Hey is it only me to see that the forum is being spammed?

  • bigboss_ironfist -

    Thanks gusv for the like.

  • attacker101 -


    • gusv -

      Thanks attacker 101! ... Learning the ropes in tutorial game 2651211 (I'm Egypyt- just repelled invasion by Libya) ... Trying to figure out benefits of building facilities (e.g. barracks, fortifications, industrial complexes, etc.) ... It seems that my screen is frozen this morning ... I may have to refresh or log out and back in ... Best wishes to you! ... gusv

    • attacker101 -

      OK, here is the break down on your facilities:
      Barracks are needed to make units in the infantry branch of research however, building to many of these will lower your food production. you need Industrial Complexes to build any unit but lv. 1 cost 5,000 rare materials, which you can use quickly if you build to many. fortifications increase morale in the province and also lower the damage done to units. in fact, lv. 1 fortifications lowers the damage done to units by 55%. infrastructure increases the amount of resources that province makes and is also needed to build tanks. air base's are needed to build planes and are also needed as pit stops for longer journeys. and last, naval base's are needed to make all naval units, but they also deplete oil amounts.

    • gusv -

      Nice pointers ... Thanks attacker ... (-:

    • dioglaert -

      You need to learn how to look up all the stats on buildings and units within the game. When you get to the screen where you can pick a building to build, or the screen where you can pick a unig to train, there is a little "i" button with each choice, where you can click to get all the information. Let us know if you need help interpreting this information.

    • gusv -

      Thanks dioglaert. I'll keep an eye open for the little i's ... (-: