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  • Imasoup64 -

    For your comment on seeing the arrival times of units you can see them on mobile all you have to do is select the unit by clicking on it and after clicking on it tap and hold and it’ll pop it up

  • patriota75 -

    I wanted to start conversation but you were in too many of them so I couldn`t start it., I entered forum to see if there were some changes, saw your profile so I wanted to say hi to you.

  • Eminem2891 -

    Hey fox, you want to adjust your alliance here on the forums?

  • Joshuajeffrey028 -

    How so I RANK up?

  • kamikazebots -

    You're right I'll edit it

  • BMfox -

    I have been told otherwise by VorlonFCW, EN Main Administrator

  • Xarus -

    hi - external links are not general forbidden in the forum. Please do not remove this discord link,
    Maybe ask the CC or the CM if you not sure if a link is okay.