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    hello, how to create historical wave games between alliances

  • ScarletMarines -

    Hey, Arconian? Is it alright if I will make three flags on the flags of Army Groups West, South, and Center? Sorry, I made those three flags recently, and I apologize for not telling you that.

    • Arcorian -

      Do you have some sort of context for me? I am kind of confused what you are talking about. :D

  • grandpooba52 -

    i am in a frontline game day 5 it seems to have the new relation view but it seems to not be displaying the relations symbol that you show on the map
    is it only on new maps i thought it was being tested in the frontline games?

    • Arcorian -

      Hey grandpooba52,
      the new view is live for all games. If you refer to the symbols on the banner in the news article we used these symbols to better illustrate what people see on the map as it is rather small.

    • grandpooba52 -

      ok thanks that is what i was asking about
      secondary questions, i am in fp game id 2721210 and i noticed someone using the same coalition flag as i see on your wall are you in that game

    • Arcorian -

      Nope, not on the list of my games. :)

    • grandpooba52 -


  • Spiffolo -

    hey, ive sent you a private conversetion regarding a worrying matter