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  • Landkreuzer p. 1000 ratte -


  • Landkreuzer p. 1000 ratte -

    You guys should add Chemical Weapons to the game
    Chemical Gas,Bombers that can drop chemical gas,Chemical rockets,ETC...

  • blue44elephant -

    you joined yet?

  • Ranlens Denck -

    Olá, gostaria de saber da vaga de Suporte, ainda está disponivel?

  • blue44elephant -

    Arcorian, my unofficial discord server for COW is complete, please join us.

  • blue44elephant -

    Hello, Arcorian. I am plan on making a discord server for community. Is it OK if I make it? I would like to invite you first and a couple of mods.

  • Markyy555 -

    ​Hi, I am interested in the moderator role as these last days I have been solving a lot of questions from new players and also medium-players. I am very active and I thought that I could be good at this. Also I know Spanish so I can help the english and hispanic community. Please tell me what information do I have to send you in order to get this moderator role.

    See you later,


  • blue44elephant -

    is there discord for cow?

  • GeneralAumSum -

    Thx for liking my post acorion

  • Kanty79 -

    Please contact the admin because I was cheated!

  • D34D_R0B -

    Good evening from Indonesia, Sir. As you know I am from Indonesia, I don't have credit card, so I used to pay for online game through Indomart or Alfamart. There is an option to do payment through system provided by, but it seems that this website is no longer operated. Do you have recommendation how can I pay for this game without using any kind of credit card. Thanks in advance for your care.

    • Arcorian -

      There are options for Paypal, Neteller, MOL, Gudang Voucher and SMS for players for payments without credit card from Indonesia.

    • D34D_R0B -

      Thanks a lot, but I inform you that I think Gudang Voucher is having a trouble since there is no "Call of War" options for its payment. I suggest for the developer to check on this issue. I myself cannot use SMS because I am not allowed to use hand phone while still staying in this student house. Thanks for care

    • Arcorian -

      Hey D34D_Rob,
      thank you for coming back with that info. I will pass it on.

    • D34D_R0B -

      You are very welcome. Wish you luck, Sir.

  • SherlockHOLMES -

    Bu arada sayın Arcorian ekibe katılma başvurusu yaptım umarım seçilirim dünkü sorunu çözdüğünüz için çok teşekkür ederim kendi adıma bir an hesaplarımıza bir şey olacak zannettim ve endişelendim ama discord moderatörlerimiz bir şey olamayacağını söyledi ve bugün çözüldü sorun bütün ekibe teşekkür ederim saygılarımla...

    • JegapMasiven -


      Ekip başvurunuz kabul edilirse SMOD sizinle iletişime geçer. Bu konu hakkında detaylı bilgi almak isterseniz;…/24289-tr-yönetici-alımı/

    • SherlockHOLMES -

      Sağ olun

  • SherlockHOLMES -

    Sayın Arcorian sayenizde elimi kurdum foruma da gönderdim bir bakabilirmisiniz ve aynı zamanda çok sağ olun...

  • Maximilian Veers -

    Who should I go to report a small typing error in the Spanish translation?

  • Danny Dorito -

    Hey, I got an update that changed the layout of everything in my games and I was wondering if you could please get rid of it or do something about it please and thank you!

  • SherlockHOLMES -

    Sayın topluluk yöneticisi bildiğiniz gibi oyun oluşturma kapalı daha doğrusu ücretli benim aklımda efsane bir oyun var izin verin yapıyım lütfen yalvarırım yardım edin bu oyunu sunmayı çok istiyorum emin olun başarılı olacağım lütfen şans tanıyın yardım edin bana çok güzel bir fikrim var ve bir de moderatör formuma bakabilirmisiniz...

    • Arcorian -

      Hello SherlockHOLMES,
      Feel free to share your idea on the forums and/or send us a ticket via customer support. Depending on the idea we might be able to assist you.

  • ColonizeOnSight -

    I'm not receiving any gold for completing achievements and I don't know why

  • NekiNub -

    on the map 3,081,895 the country of colombia, someone destroyed my will and it has been on the map on land for 2 days, and with no one I am at war, whom to complain about that lag or cheat.
    Nowhere in the newspapers for my army has anyone destroyed it.

    • Arcorian -

      Hey NekiNub,
      please reach out to our support team. Ideally from within the game round. That way they get all the information they need to assist you.

  • TheTurkMedic -

    Can you answer me?

  • Born-1942 -

    ​​a nova atualização é legal,! mas que tal manter a velha com os equilibrios e outras funções do jeito que estavam, ou seja poderiamos ter dois modos, no caso o modo arcade e o outro mais realista que seria a versão mais atual e nova! 1.5!

    the new update is cool ,! but how about keeping the old one with the balances and other functions as they were, that is, we could have two modes, in this case the arcade mode and the other more realistic that would be the most current and new version! 1.5!

    • Arcorian -

      Thank you for your feedback Born-1942, we have not made a final decision on this yet. Please keep playing our Call of War 1.5 test events and share your feedback to help us make Call of War 1.5 the game you like.

  • Tupac All Eyes On Me -

    Good news about 1.5 CoW
    Great post

  • SFRJ-Man -

    I lost access to my account. Yesterday the game asked me to log back in but I never had a password or email connected to it and I have no way to log back in. The account name is SFRJ-Man and the account still exists with my alliance. Can you help with getting the account back I have so much progress and games I need to finish.

  • lombarddo80 -

    I only get on my alliance ARMYMENI and there is my only mention that I existed as commander ID number 5122269

  • lombarddo80 -

    Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but I have a problem and I don't know where to turn. My Lombarddo1 account was deleted about 30 minutes ago and I don't know why. I had this account for 6 years and I am not aware that I have violated anything. None of the Czech administrators answer and I suspect if I did not become a victim of a hecker. Could you help me?
    from my address I accidentally opened another account Lombardo1 and also finally Lombarddo80 because it somehow connected me via facebook. I haven't played from either account and even in the same game. I really think it was someone from the game 2999619 who has fingers in it. After all, if I had any doubts, I would first get a warning and not just moments of collapse and erasure completely from the system. Please reply to this Lombarddo80 account or me email address fajos80 @ seznam. thank you faithful but now angry fan of COW.

  • lombarddo80 -

    Hi,you are manager for which region?

  • lombarddo80 -

    Ahoj, ty jsi administrator?

    • Arcorian -

      I am the Community Manager for Call of War, which comes with admin rights. How can I assist?

  • vallutajat -

    did the game graphic changed or why it turn so bad, everything is so messed up? research and market are down now, before it was up, can't see my buildings and army production from right side corner anymore all together like it was before? Or did I mixed up myselfe somehow?

    • Arcorian -

      Hey vallutajat,

      we had graphic updates for some units like infantrie etc. but no changes to market or research. At least not like you describe them. Can you send me a screenshot showing what you mean?

  • 24clayton -

    looks like I will have to find the rules and look them all over, I think most players have not done that

  • 24clayton -

    hello, before something else happens to my account, some help??
    I complained on one of the forum posts about not playing with a certain player who spends TONS of gold to win.
    In my game the player was beating the whole world -- he was literally fighting 90% of the players, one guy calculated he spent about a million gold so far
    I know gold users help your company make money, O use gold also, but someone who just stomps everyone is not fair to the rest of us
    Princeof Honor said that I cannot, in so many words "target" one person for use a LOT of gold
    I was just trying to warn other players that playing with the heavey gold user means you cannot win any game he is in

    • Arcorian -

      Hey 24clayton,

      I do understand your reasoning, but calling out a user like this breaks several of our rules. The thing here is that no player is able to tell with certainty how much gold another player spend in a game round. ...and if at all. Allowing players to call other players out publicly based on their game experience could lead to mass false accusations.

      Public shaming or accusing of another player in general is not allowed, for the very same reason. If you think something is wrong or a player is breaking the rules, please reach out to our support team. They will take a look at your claim and take meassures if needed.

  • NickPap -

    Hi Arcorian;
    Can you please unban my old call of war account named GR_PaPaStalin01 becouse they send me a message and it tell to answer within 24 hours and i did but still got banned.sorry for bad english

    • Arcorian -

      Hey GR_PaPaStalin01,
      sorry to hear about that inconvenience. The best way to deal with the situation is to send our support team a ticket so they can look into the situation.

      You can reach the support here: