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  • Donk2.0 -

    GG on 2k points!

  • Donk2.0 -


  • Al safwan -

    Hi @Arcorian, I am interested in becoming a moderator(MOD) of COW II, Portuguese server.
    my username is Al Safwan( COW II and COW II Forum )
    They always said that I should be a moderator, but I had never thought about it but now I got interested, I like the game a lot and I want to participate more in the game's dynamics and help other players and the community.
    I've been playing since 2016 but my current account is 2018, my score isn't fantastic but it's good and I always try to help other players on more basic issues. I'm part of an alliance where we try to help newcomers.
    name: Safwan Al Kass Issahak, age: 53 years old
    Discord account name: SAF#3953
    I play on the computer. Time Zone: UTC -4
    I work and like music and movies, I have a more homely life.

  • Murtaza Muhammed -

    No game no inglish

  • Murtaza Muhammed -

    Oyuna giremiyorum

  • jefin b -

    Hey Arcorian

  • Huhu -

    Ich hätte eine Idee für ein neues bytro-labs Spiel.
    Zum Beispiel historischer Krieg zu Napoleons Zeit.
    Oder ähnliches.

  • Huhu -

    hi arcorian

  • Sverker ll -

    Hello arcorian, I wish to become a community moderator in the discord server or even possibly more than that there’s many threats in the discord community but I understand well and I’m willing to help there is many things in the discord community that we could bring to the server to help it grow and to help it be the best server it can possibly be
    Name: Brayden
    Age: 18
    Work: local supermarket until I go to college in about a year
    Nickname: Bray/Sven
    Experience: I deleted my old account my new one is level 33 already and I have a clear understanding of the game and the game mechanics Played since 2020
    Country: USA
    Discord: Sverker ll#0001

  • Manelot -

    Hallo Arcorian, mit der heutigen Info von Gen.Brunner habe ich nur einen kleinen Teil der fehlenden Goldbelohnung erhalten. Damit bin ich nicht einverstanden. Nur weil am Ende der Videoclips die Verbindung abreißt, also in dem Moment, wo die Goldsumme übertragen wird, erhalte ich keine nachträgliche Belohnung!?
    Zur Info, wenn der Server unterbricht, nachdem ich den Clip gesehen habe, kann man anschließend das Video nicht mehr sehen , weil es nicht mehr angefordert werden kann.
    Des Weiteren finde es beschämend, einen langjährigen Spieler zu unterstellen, er würde nicht alle Clips sehen. Hier bitte doch mal um eine sorgfältige Überprüfung meiner Angaben.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  • Manelot -

    Hallo Arcorian,
    Seit dem 27.06.2021 reklamiere ich erfolglos fehlende Videogoldbelohnungen. Warum meldet sich kein Bytro-Mitarbeiter innerhalb von 72 Stunden?
    Ich bitte nun um eine schnelle und qualifizierte Antwort.

    Vielen Dank

    • Arcorian -

      Hallo Manelot,
      wir hinken bei den deutschen Tickets augenblicklich etwas hinter her, aber deine Tickets sind angekommen und werden so schnell wie möglich bearbeitet. Das Team tut sein Bestes.

  • Arroyoelgrande -

    Hi Arcorian,
    I would like to become a "MOD" in virtue of the absence of moderators in the Spanish Chat. I know all the rules and games mechanics and I believe I could be an important Staff member of such a fabulous game.
    Name: David
    Age: 20
    Work or studies: University
    Country: Perú
    NickName: Arroyoelgrande
    Experience: Level 113 (I`ve played since 2019)
    Discord: Arroyoelgrande#0881

  • Hornetkeeper -

    Not everyone is a forum member since April 1st.

  • MiloK32 -

    aight time to unfollow

  • MiloK32 -

    hi arcorian

  • Hans_ze_panzer -

    Hello there

    • Arcorian -

      Hello there :)

  • Akafr -

    Bonjour pourriez vous me donnez des conseils pour défendre son pays ? Merci d'avance

    • Tre -

      Je ne sais pas .

  • Tre -

    Now I can not see the map well.

    • MiloK32 -


    • jefin b -

      i am getting use to it tho

  • Savitar -

    Hello, what's the schedule for BYTRO's birthday this year?

  • Ishiro -

    Dear friend, can you tell me if there is a possibility that game moderators will reprimand a player for using a highly offensive and unpleasant language? Before these cases could be denounced. A cordial greeting

    • Arcorian -

      Please report such cases via support ticket. :)

  • treinjuker -


  • wedrowiec72 -

    Nie można odpalic tej nowej wersji bogaci jesteście macie nadmiar pięniedzy na taki syf wszystko nie czytelne oślepia wręcz a gra na tel to porażka. Komputer nie moze odpalić brawo

  • lupomannaro18 -

    I could be interested in become a moderator and help the community / support the Team
    I'm 50 years old
    I'm a dalily player
    looking forward to hear from you soon

  • Italo Max Balbo -

    Hello Arcorian
    I would like to become a moderator
    I'm 50 years old
    I know all the game mechanics and the rules
    I am the leader of a group of 17 active players
    Sure of your answer
    Italo Max Balbo

  • Dr.Rocket -

    Hello, I am Interested In becoming A Moderator. I am 19 years old, and I grew up on a farm. It was Hard work. I go to the gym 4 times a week, for atleast a hour. And now I will be heading off to college. I work Hard for the things I love, and I love to help people. I would also love to join your community.

  • jefin b -


  • Vincent Thurman -

    Hello Mr. Arcorian, I would like to apply for the position of moderator, previously I was SGO, but due to lack of time I had to withdraw from the position ... now I am willing to help the staff with your approval.

  • Mariscal Von Mastein -

    Hello Mr. Arcorian, I leave you this message to apply as a moderator ... Previously I was a moderator, but for personal reasons I had to stay away from call of war, I hope you think of me as a candidate for "MOD" and thus be able to contribute to the Hispanic community , have a good day.

  • Mariscal Von Manstein -

    Thanks for the actualization

  • elmaqui -

    Greetings Arcorian, I hope you are well.
    Arcorian, I am writing to tell you that I would like to be a moderator of the server in Spanish, since I would like to help the community a lot in the chat, in addition to making sure that all the respective rules of the chat are followed. The Repcat moderator told me that he recommended me and told me to talk to you about being a chat moderator.
    I hope you have a very good day. Health