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  • NickPap -

    Hi Arcorian;
    Can you please unban my old call of war account named GR_PaPaStalin01 becouse they send me a message and it tell to answer within 24 hours and i did but still got banned.sorry for bad english

  • Rommel-1944 -

    Hi Arcorian;
    I wanted to propose myself to be an admin.
    The problem is that the Admins of the Spanish Community dont answer. ES Community is dead.
    I sent my message to you then.

    • Arcorian -

      Hi Rommel-1944,
      hope you had wonderful holidays and a great new year so far. Thank you for offering your help for the Spanish community. Could you reach out to Koba_S97 (Spanish MA for Call of War) regarding this? I just briefly spoke with him about it.

  • Giurlani -

    Fascinante! Espero que se conserve el concepto de la segunda guerra mundial y lo historico.

  • Ryan04px2025 -

    Can you read this post and give me some solid info? Thanks!…nst-interceptor/&pageNo=2

  • Tin Military -

    Hello Arcorian
    I sent a support ticket.
    My problem is i deleted my Conflict of Nations account and unknowing to
    me i did not realise that would stop me from entering my Call of War
    account as when i try to login now a message is telling me invalid user.
    As both Conflict of Nations and Call of War were registed with same user
    name ( Tin Military ) and same Email.

    • Arcorian -

      Hey Tin Military,
      sorry to hear that and sorry for the inconvenience. I found your ticket and our support will get in touch with you shortly.

  • UncleStalinDaBoss -

    Can you fix the Level 3 light tank pic for the allied comtries like France, US, North African countries, etc

    It says it's an M22 Locust but it shows a picture of an M5 Stuart.


    • Arcorian -

      Hey UncleSalinDaBoss,
      thanks for your messagte. We will take a look at the image.

  • BritishEmpire -

    Idk what that is

  • BritishEmpire -

    But it says no more parallel games can be added

    • Arcorian -

      Can you open a support ticket so we can a close look at the issue and solve the issue?

  • BritishEmpire -

    Idk why, but I’m in games I didn’t sign up for... Please help

    • Arcorian -

      Hey BrithishEmpire,
      that is indeed strange and the first time I hear something like that. If you do not want to play those rounds you can easily move these games into your archive and start a round that you actually want to play.

  • broawesomes4 -

    Thank you very much

  • broawesomes4 -

    I just lost about 20000 gold for no reason

    • Arcorian -

      Hey broawesomes4,

      I'm sorry to hear that. Could you please contact our support and open a payment ticket? That is the fastest way to get to the bottom of things and investigate what happened there.

  • Twitch Prime -

    hi did you read my post?

  • general Thomas -

    wrong, wrong, wrong

    Hi, I have a problem, I bought about 55,000 gold, yesterday I invested all of the gold into construction or production, but it happened to me repeatedly (about 5 times) that I clicked on gold (to pay for construction shortening or production shortening) but the time has not decreased ... I lost a few thousand gold (costing 12 hours cost 850 gold) ... I am quite surprised how bad it works, the system has such problems ... Can you return my gold that was deducted even though I didn't get anything for it? Thank you. Thomas

  • Rabbit One -

    Gl'utenti che pagano dovrebbero giocare fra di loro.. lo trovo scorretto che chi paga e chi non giochino insieme.. perchè poi non è più strategia e bravura... ma danè.. e PREPOTENZA..

    • Arcorian -

      Hey Rabbit one,
      it is not possible to devide these two groups of players. However, there are strategies to deal with situations like facing an outnumbering enemy force or conquering fortified strongholds. I am sure when you ask in the forums you will get quite a few valuable tips.

    • Rabbit One -

      yes... the first strategy is pay it too... this is a problem dear for this game... but ok there other free games is not a problem...


    hello, how to create historical wave games between alliances

  • ScarletMarines -

    Hey, Arconian? Is it alright if I will make three flags on the flags of Army Groups West, South, and Center? Sorry, I made those three flags recently, and I apologize for not telling you that.

    • Arcorian -

      Do you have some sort of context for me? I am kind of confused what you are talking about. :D

  • grandpooba52 -

    i am in a frontline game day 5 it seems to have the new relation view but it seems to not be displaying the relations symbol that you show on the map
    is it only on new maps i thought it was being tested in the frontline games?

    • Arcorian -

      Hey grandpooba52,
      the new view is live for all games. If you refer to the symbols on the banner in the news article we used these symbols to better illustrate what people see on the map as it is rather small.

    • grandpooba52 -

      ok thanks that is what i was asking about
      secondary questions, i am in fp game id 2721210 and i noticed someone using the same coalition flag as i see on your wall are you in that game

    • Arcorian -

      Nope, not on the list of my games. :)

    • grandpooba52 -


  • Spiffolo -

    hey, ive sent you a private conversetion regarding a worrying matter