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  • Badboyforlife -

    Hello , please delete my archive game with Id:3462264 (Overkill)

  • petrud -

    can I go back to the team and be MOD without kayako access?

  • petrud -


  • Markyy555 -

    ​Hi, I am interested in the moderator role as these last days I have been solving a lot of questions from new players and also medium-players. I am very active and I thought that I could be good at this. Also I know Spanish so I can help the english and hispanic community. Please tell me what information do I have to send you in order to get this moderator role.

    See you later,


  • MICHAL16 -

    Change planes wiew. Now they are UGLY!! UGLY PLANES!!!

  • Makaveli_force -

    Удаленное сообщение

  • GeneralCallArmalok -

    en la nueva version de call of war me gustaria que paises como Italia, Francia, Reino Unido etc. pudieran tener en la grafica sus propios aviones, tanques, unidades de infanteria que sean fideles reproduciones de la que adoptaron en segunda guerra. Actualmente solo son disponibles las de USA, Urss; Japon; Alemania y se usan por todos los paises.

  • AgenteHD -

    hola!!! te quiero preguntar como ser un tipo de ayudante del juego

    • Akiar -

      If you are interested in joining the Spanish volunteer staff please contact Koba_S97 on the forums.