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  • Sangcrux -

    "English GO Application"
    • Why do you want to become a Game Operator?
    The reason for this application is threefold:
    Firstly, I would just enjoy being involved in this way, it would be a welcome distraction to my mundane life. A hobby of sorts.
    Secondly, I have an inherent passion for communicating with people, I love working with people, even my profession is of this nature. I believe that we are endowed with the ability to learn. Knowledge gained within any sphere of life because we are a part of society weather physically or electronically our responsibility is to ensure the continued growth of that community through passing on our knowledge to others within that community and therefore cultivating the successful functioning of that community. So that it may grow in stature and success.
    The third stems from the first, the more players who are happy customers, the more coherent the community becomes. The more articulate players are when playing the more interesting the matches become and so I offer myself to further this goal.
    Therefore, in so doing the stature of this gaming community will grow consistently and become more economically viable, because of the accumulation of capital the presentation and features will become more exciting for the potential gamer and thus the game propagate itself.
    • Do you have previous experience in customer support?
    No, I have never worked in the customer support field parse, but my vocation encompasses this discipline.
    • How well do you know the game mechanics? How long have you been playing the game?
    I am proficient enough to hold my own and advise others.
    • Why should we select you?
    Honestly, there is no reason that I can think of that you would not, I would be an asset and the more I grow within the game the greater that asset will be.
    • Age?
    • I am an old and mature man, most probably it would be frowned upon that I am playing.
    I was born in 1966, that means that this year I will be 55.
    • Any additional information you would like to share?
    For whatever it may be worth, prior to my current vocation I was a Marine with vast combat experience. A part of my training and qualification encompassed the history of warfare. My major field of study and research was the dynamics of the strategies employed by different commanders both Allied and Axis under the different political climates that developed as World War two progressed.
    Mark Holden
    AKA "Sangcrux"
    e-mail: markedwholden@gmail.com

  • Nvemtaffii -

    Why is it unlike the real world material is not in the right areas. Ukraine has alot of food but I'm the game it has no resources. Same as in the n scotland area it has mad amounts of oil but non in the gam also infrastructure is useless unless there is resources. I spent more money trying to build useless imgastructure only to find out the factories are more important and the barracks are almost non exestant unlike the real world

  • Nvemtaffii -

    If like to join as a english supporter. I have played the game for three years off and on and fully understand how it works. Some of the ideas that are currently in play I may not agree with but it's a great game.


  • moatasm52 -

    english go application

  • moka -

    English go application

  • XXpheonix -

    Hello,i have messaged you privately due to a serious matter,please read it and help me out.

  • OverOrlando -

    Spanish go application.

    Porqué quieres ser operador de juego?
    Para mejorar la experiencia n el juego y poder asistir e incentivar a jugadores nuevos y veteranos en el juego.

    Tienes experiencia en soporte de usuario.
    No, no tengo experiencia previa. Solo la experiencia laboral propia en labores de logística.

    Que tan bien conoces la mecánica del juego?
    Bastante bien.
    Que tanto has jugado el juego?
    Desde Septiembre de 2019. Algo más de un año.

    Por qué me deben seleccionar a mí?
    No tengo una respuesta exacta para eso, sólo tengo muchas ganas de aprender cosas nuevas y soy un apasionado del juego.


    Alguna información adicional que quisieras compartir?
    Soy un autodidacta, amante de los juegos de estrategia. Buscaba algún juego en internet de este género y calle of ese respondió a mis requerimientos. He dejado de jugar otros juegos y me he dedicado a este en un 100% Juego desde el móvil y en ocasiones desde PC.

  • Nxxxr30.god -

    I wish to help peopleplay and have fun playing

  • AlexanderEth -

    English GO Application
    • Why do you want to become a Game Operator?
    Well this game is a strategy game and a game where talking, coordinating and communicating with other players is more important than any strategy you can have. So in short if you are playing and winning in this game you are already and “Game Operator”. And when you join an alliance this communication goes to another level. And solidifies to a permanent relationship with you allies which by this time are almost family members.
    So being a “Game Operator” is something I am doing everyday with people in my alliance and people I meet every day in the game. So having this position just solidifies something I was doing already and helps meet more people and reach the person that most needs my support but happens to be in a game I am not participating in.
    • Do you have previous experience in customer support?
    In short No, but my profession is kind of a customer support by itself. I am medical doctor and also Assistant Professor in the University Hospital I work in. So I have to deal problems of my patients and students every day. And have to solve this problems with much details and more personal level than any customer support. So the answer would be “Yes” for the above question taking this things into consideration.
    • How well do you know the game mechanics? How long have you been playing the game?
    I have been playing this game for few months now, not a long time but enough to know everything I need to win almost every game I played. I haven’t faced any problems playing this game and didn’t have any specific technical problem so I might not be able to solve this kind of problems. But I think I have enough experience inside the game.
    • Why should we select you?
    As I have said before I won most of the games I have joined. 8 of the 10 games I have joined, which just shows how much I have understood the game and how much time I am giving for the game. I have even solo won the 1st game I have joined. So I believe I can be a good guide for any player that might need my assistance.
    • Age?
    • Any additional information you would like to share
    I am currently an officer in my alliance, has started my shift from solo games to games played with members on my alliance. This position is by itself expected to guide less experienced players. So I am already doing this job/assignment. I have been playing strategy games all my life. So this is just part of my life.

    • At least 18 years old
    • Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner, work in a team and willingness to learn
    I am a medical doctor and Assistant Professor in the University I work in, so you can’t have a team more than this.
    • Game experience and have a good understanding of game mechanics
    • Ability to work efficiently and be reliable
    Being able to win 80% of the games I joined just shoes how efficient and reliable I am
    • Regular activity
    • Native English speaker or very high proficiency
    Yes, plus I am multilingual being able to speak 6 languages at least 2 are international (English and Russian) and Yes I am very proficient in English.
    • Impeccable grammar and spelling
    • You have a Discord account

    • Akiar -

      Hi, if you would like your application to be considered please send it to Slyx and me as outlined in the recruitment thread, thank you.

  • dragonwar -


    Why do you want to become a Game Operator?

    COW is one of the few, if not the only, games that I really like. After 4 years of playing, having been a student and then an instructor I realized that it is the only game that has left me with emotions, defeats and victories, study and improvement. So at this point in my career being part of the staff would certainly be a rewarding experience as much as playing

    Do you have previous experience in customer support?

    yes, I worked in an office for many years and contact with clients was normal

    How well do you know the game mechanics? How long have you been playing the game?

    4 years in a row. to all available maps. first as a novice then following and learning from more experienced players. I would say with good statistics and victories, obviously with trials and errors, necessary to learn the secrets of the game.

    Why should we select you?

    because I believe in what I do. and surely it is the passion for cow that pushes me to look for something more. It's not a job but I think it can also be rewarding to be of help to other players.



    Any additional information you would like to share

    honestly i had never played online games like cow. usually just management / economic games. but the combination of economic and strategic management fascinated and won me over. Each game is a story in itself, good or bad, in the sense of victory or defeat; and many remain in your memory.

    At least 18 years old (yes)
    Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner, work in a team and willingness to learn (yes)
    Game experience and have a good understanding of game mechanics (yes)
    Ability to work efficiently and be reliable (yes)
    Regular activity(yes)
    Native Italian speaker and proficient at English(yes)
    Impeccable grammar and spelling(yes)
    You have a Discord account (to do)

    Pleayer Nickname Gunkan

    • Akiar -

      Hi, if you would like your application to be considered please send it to Slyx and me as outlined in the recruitment thread, thank you.

  • Ritchie1896 -

    "German GO Application"
    Moin ... ich würde gerne ein Chat/Game Mod werden !! Ich liebe dieses Spiel und spiele es täglich, teilweise 3 Karten gleichzeitig. Ich bin berufstätig aber es ist immer noch genügend Zeit um das Spiel zuspielen. Ich habe jetzt 86 Karten gespielt und meine das die Statisitik doch aussgagekräftig ist.Seit der 1.5 Version habe ich noch mehr Spass an dem Game,mit dem Gameplay bin ich seht vertraut.Ich bin 57 Jahre alt und würde einen fairen und ehrlichen Mod machen, denn bei mir zählt das Wort eines Mannes.
    Discord, TS ist alles vorhanden

  • S Swann -

    "English GO Application"
    Hey hey ... Would love to be a game mod !! I love this game and play daily . I'm a semi retired now Ran my own construction business for 30 yrs in high end Homes & Specs Designs . Been playing for well over a year now got 149 games and understand all most everything there is to know about the gameplay I would be an asset because I'm extremely Fair & Listen to all sides and their points of view . I'm 51 yrs old and would make a fair & honest level headed Game Mod

  • DoT -

    Hello, I am interested in the position of Game Operator (English). I believe I would be a good addition to the team because I am an experienced player (First Sergeant lvl84). I have been playing Call of War since 2019 but I have been an active player and rarely ever go inactive in a round. I come across many newbies in Europe maps and I help them out with strategies. I do have customer support experience through volunteering work. I am 18 years old and finished High School so I can devote my time to the job. Since I am a gamer, I take passion in any game-related jobs. I have strong knowledge about the game mechanics due to my alliance members who always help out each other. I have Discord which I use to communicate with my alliance and my coalitions in different games. I believe I can support the Call of War community by helping out players (new).
    Thank you for taking out the time to go through my application. Please revert ASAP.
    Yours sincerely,
    (Player username: Dragon of Thunder 2)

    • Akiar -

      Hi, if you would like your application to be considered please send it to Slyx and me as outlined in the recruitment thread, thank you.

  • Teniente_Anaya -

    Hi,I would like to apply for Spanish or English moderator.

    Why do you want to become a Game Operator? Because I really like to help to the game and it would be a challenge.
    Do you have previous experience in customer support? Yes, I do.
    How well do you know the game mechanics? Very well. How long have you been playing the game? About four years.
    Why should we select you? Because I would do my job with responsability and taking seriously.
    Age? 27 years old.
    Any additional information you would like to share I´m military, military historian.

  • GEN. DAVID K. -

    Hi, I would like to apply for English moderator, I have been playing this game long now, add it up I think a year now. I know how the game works very well, I can answer questions that will/may help all ranks in their game. I know my World War Two facts and events the took place. I come on this game almost every day and a very active player. My rank as of now is Technician Third Grade level 56. I understand what the rules are in this game in the chat. If you would like more information about me, just ask.

  • GIGI -

    Hi, i'm am interested applying italian moderator. I install this game many Times, so I know all about it. I can also speak fluent english and french.

    • GIGI -

      I would like to become a moderator because i would like to help people like I was before, people who can't play properly. I have experience in translation because I have translated some web sites in italian

  • Moose_burr -

    Im applying for mod, pls look at my application

  • Amirul Mukminin -

    Hi, I am interested in applying to be english moderator for the game. Recently I've helped people especially newbies in the game. Since I come from southeast asia I bet not many staff are from the area so I can help people coming from the area. My main language is Malay, spoken officially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Southern Thailand and Singapore. English is my second language but so far I've master it and have no problem communicating in English. I am currently learning japanese and Arabic. I hope I can be of a help. And not to forget I am 19 years old and a university student taking course in microbiology and I've attended and won a handful of debate competition so yeah. Thank you.

  • Badboyforlife -

    Hello , please delete my archive game with Id:3462264 (Overkill)

  • petrud -

    can I go back to the team and be MOD without kayako access?

  • petrud -


  • Markyy555 -

    ​Hi, I am interested in the moderator role as these last days I have been solving a lot of questions from new players and also medium-players. I am very active and I thought that I could be good at this. Also I know Spanish so I can help the english and hispanic community. Please tell me what information do I have to send you in order to get this moderator role.

    See you later,


  • MICHAL16 -

    Change planes wiew. Now they are UGLY!! UGLY PLANES!!!

  • Makaveli_force -

    Удаленное сообщение

  • GeneralCallArmalok -

    en la nueva version de call of war me gustaria que paises como Italia, Francia, Reino Unido etc. pudieran tener en la grafica sus propios aviones, tanques, unidades de infanteria que sean fideles reproduciones de la que adoptaron en segunda guerra. Actualmente solo son disponibles las de USA, Urss; Japon; Alemania y se usan por todos los paises.

  • AgenteHD -

    hola!!! te quiero preguntar como ser un tipo de ayudante del juego

    • Akiar -

      If you are interested in joining the Spanish volunteer staff please contact Koba_S97 on the forums.