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  • Dr.debitcard -

    Long time no see buddy how to get water

  • General Nightman -

    Not bad, back to modding, hopefully I'll have some 1.5 stuff soon

  • ShoeBob -

    How has my favorite guider been?

  • TCKartalMapper -

    Hey mate, you there ?

  • General Nightman -

    Sadly just retired from being a moderator, greatly enjoyed the time I spent serving the community.

  • Boozo -

    Hello Nightman

  • grandpooba52 -

    hello are you still interested in joining the new team league with me and edepable
    it has just been announced itn the forums

  • GGBugh -

    Hello all!

  • Grumblewick -

    What is the Dirty Dozen?

  • General Nightman -

    Guide to Paratroopers released today

  • General Nightman -

    My next Guide will be General Nightman's Guide to Armor, if anybody has any suggestions on the next unit, just PM me


    Your post art really direct, open and specific.

    • General Nightman -

      Thanks! I intend to write more guides in the very near future, both to write about my knowledge of game mechanics and increase it.

    • RYANWEN -

      It will help lots of players!