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  • grandpooba52 -

    would really appreciate if you would consider returning to PL for Sept match
    we have hopefully resolved the problems
    there will be no team match

  • Darth Anor -

    Can i join AE?

  • ProfessorComunism -

    Could I talk to you about joining AE? I was the guy who filled in from the Knights Watch to help you in a game, I want to talk about me and my friend and if we could join.

  • MarkAchkar -

    heys , u guys still doing wars? we have a team and looking for challenge

  • wildL SPQR -

    Interested in an alliance match?

  • Mr Selfridge -

    Hi SURE WILL DO, our tag is !AE!

  • FenDawg -

    I can't find your alliance. Can you find Afrika Korps? if so, please send us a challenge.