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  • Barrimann -

    That is a big bucket of analysis. Thanks.

  • MontanaBB -

    Thread closed, comment copy-pasted here:

    You already can get some idea of which players utilize gold to a large degree by reading the tea leaves, so to speak, in analyzing their battle statistics against other human players:

    1. Look for the "gold bomber," i.e., someone who makes extensive use of tactical bombers and then recharges their combat effectiveness after every sortie with gold. Tell-tale signs: very high number of kills by tactical bombers (check the "Carpet Bomber" award numbers under the "Achievements" tab), then look at their tactical bomber losses under the "Stats overview" tab. Compare their "carpet bomber" kills by tactical bombers with their tactical bomber losses; I have a ground unit kills/TB losses ratio of 10.6, which is a very good ratio. When you see a player with a ground unit kills/TB losses ratio of 15:1, 20:1, 25:1, I guarantee that player is a "gold bomber," and not just occasionally.

    2. Look for the "golden rocket spammer," i.e., a player who makes extensive use of gold to accelerate the production of rockets and to buy the necessary rare materials to support mass rocket production. Check the "Retributor" award under the "Achievements" tab for the total number of rockets built and compare that number with total number of games played. I've produced 1,265 rockets in 19 games, and that's a lot of rockets, and it required a lot of late-game resources and production time. When a player's rocket production is measured in 100s of rockets per game, they are almost certainly a "golden rocket spammer."

    3. Look for the "gold spammer," i.e., someone who makes frequent and extensive use of gold to accelerate unit production of all kinds and to purchase the resources required without any real regard for resource production improvements. Check the overall scores and rankings on the player's main statistics page; the tell-tale signs are a very high "Military score" and "Overall score," a relatively low "Economic score" in comparison to the Military score, coupled with a relatively low overall kills-to-losses ratio -- sometimes approaching 1:1. What these stats in combination often indicate is a player who cannot be bothered to build his industrial and resource production capacity, who uses gold to buy resources as needed, who accelerates unit production without regard to cost, but is often a mediocre tactical player who makes good his losses by producing more units on an accelerated basis.

    There are tactics and strategies for dealing with each type of big-time gold spender, but the big-time "gold spammer" presents the biggest challenges. I once encountered another player on the 50-player Pacific map who had 220 units, including 40+ tactical bomber squadrons and 30+ interceptor squadrons on Day 12 of the game. His highest level industrial complex was an L2 with a single L2 air base and a single L2 infrastructure. Most of his core resource production provinces lacked even L1 infrastructure. When I realized what was going on, I used the "reveal all armies" espionage function to get his exact unit totals, etc., and then did the reverse calculations to figure out how much gold he had spent to produce his unit totals; he had used over 200,000 gold units to produce his air force alone -- by Day 12. I briefly considered dropping $50 on gold and giving him a taste of his own medicine until I realized that was a fraction of what he had already spent. Leaving 1/3 of my 85 units behind as a sacrificial defensive screen, I evacuated the other 2/3s of my units from the mainland of Asia to an allied country in Australia where they could not be attacked and killed while I was still an active player in the round; everyone else in the game quit en masse.

  • MarkAchkar -

    we may have got our 5th still up for the challenge?

    • Barrimann -

      YES! As a matter of fact, I got a couple of guys itching to take someone on. the other two are just more calm. Let's start it sometime Thursday so we can use the weekend for our initial development. I'll keep closer watch of this thread, but you can message me direct as well. Confirm the Thursday time frame or suggest another, then I'll start lining up my guys.

    • MarkAchkar -

      im sorry, the 5th guy made a mind change, sorry for the inconvenience

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  • JohnnyUtah13 -

    I'm interested in your alliance game.

  • Sir McSquiggles -

    Hey mate! Its nice to see you in the 30K forum! :D

    • Barrimann -

      Thanks. Just trying to keep it light.