Lord Asher Sergeant First Class

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  • PAD_Minotaur -

    Wanna join a World War 1 RPG of mine? You look like you know what your doing, which is nice. One RPG I held on my old account (Carl_Wilson) turned around cause somebody broke the rules.

  • Alpha_Zulu -

    Lord Asher, My name is Alpha_Zulu (Scott) and I have created a new alliance called Minute Men. We are looking for player's to join our group.
    If you are an active player and would like to fight along our side. We would like you to join us in our conquest to be the best alliance out there. As a new alliance we are a ways from being the best, but with player's like you're self we can achieve this goal.
    You can find find use under you're alliance tab. Minute Men [M/M]
    I hope to see you soon !

  • Liberinsula -

    Nice profile picture......type 45 destroyer, right?