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  • CommanderRex -

    Why are movements so slow? Can’t they be faster? I mean I have to play other games to pass the time. It is annoying!

    • DoctorDR1 -

      There are many things to do while waiting for your units to arrive. The reason they are so slow is because this is a real time game. There are occasionally speed rounds, but I think you'll find they're harder than you think ;)

  • Dr.debitcard -

    you alway lose just like the other mods

  • Dr.debitcard -

    hey tsigmon I would like to have a truce on trolling chat i will make a account play normal and not troll and you don't ban it or i will continue to troll because you no longer require a Gmail to type in chat so i really can just come back in 30 secs

  • Major Batraa -

    You see my conversation message ?

  • Markyy555 -

    ​Hi, I am interested in the moderator role as these last days I have been solving a lot of questions from new players and also medium-players. I am very active and I thought that I could be good at this. Also I know Spanish so I can help the english and hispanic community. Please tell me what information do I have to send you in order to get this moderator role.
    See you later

  • GeneralAumSum -

    Hello Tsi!!!!

  • 24clayton -

    hello, you sent me a message the other day saying you could not find on your end why I was banned from my account for a week, well according to PrinceofHonor , my complaining of a HEAVEY gold user to win, is "blacklisting" and "denouncing gold"
    I was given no warning of this before being banned, none

    I find it unfair to me and many other players that someone can spend at least a million gold and crush everyone else in the game to win, so I complained in the Forum
    I use gold my self , but not like that. know it is gold spenders that help you guys make money, but how about us little guys ??