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  • Sameer266 -


    dear friends the " Support Team of Call of War"

    i play this game since 2017 untill now,, i am still playing it even with win or loss ... i hope you can take this advices in ur mind:

    1- Maps of Middle East with allot of new countries and Cities it will be new Idea ..

    2-making Egypt and Iraq less and adding lebanon palestine jordan and allot of other countries will be much better and nice for the game ,,,,

    3-making maps less spaces and lands in "clash of nations " & making conflicts in afraica asia middle east as u make it in europe or america or antarcitca....

    4- making europe fighting map with more countries and more cities with better good or iron or oil ....

    5- making Religon conflicts or strategy conflicts ....better than bombing nuke ...

    6- making a map for big countries same as fighting in American and Mexico Map ... like for example making a fighting map inside russia or ussr or italy or greece on in mediterian sea.. or between india citiess adding a near border cities ..

    Best Regards and thank you

  • Ryan04px2025 -

    Hey, I see that every post you have, you end with General cdub. Do you think it would be better if you have that as a signature? Also, if you do not have an alliance, I want to invite you to mine. You can check my alliance code and maybe chat with us here.

  • cerealnerd -

    cool! another player with gray hair (no offense) who probably remembers the Vietnam war. We need to stick together, playing with 'kids' is frustrating. Proof I'm not a kid; I use punctuation.