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    Your comment about my post being not relevant makes no sense to me.. I was directly commenting to the railguns post and other unit "fixes" and "issues" my comment was directly to that... at least as far as I can tell I am commenting directly to those posts.. also no where can I see or find any way to start my own feed... there is no option for me to do so.. This is the most complicated set up I have ever experienced in a forum setting ... not at all user friendly and impossible to read multiple threads at the same time... or have more than one up at the same time.. either way.. I've reread my comment and it is directed at the post that was made about units and railguns...

    • DoctorDR1 -

      Your post was not relevant because that post was specifically for things like incorrect spelling, accents in the wrong place, etc. The previous post about the railroad guns was talking about how the American version of the railroad gun didn't seem historical. Your post was about SBDE fixes as well as balancing issues. To create a thread about this, click into Suggestions/Critcism, then click Create Thread in the top right corner. If you have complaints about the forum, you can open a private thread with an administrator (I'm not the right person to be talking about this to, maybe try @VorlonFCW or @Arcorian)