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  • Not A Communist -

    Come back :(

  • James Hartmund -

    Me too generalpatton; I've played 3 full games or so. I usually use the 'Community,' 'Message' system to talk to people. Reason being it shows up when you 1st enter the game. That's important. The 'Conversations' area above the Forum is rather obscure I believe... :P

  • generalpatton -

    I am a newbie here and I know nothing about this messaging system. If you would care to enlighten me. If nothing else, you can email me at stevestrutz@yahoo.com or simply reply to my post.

    • James Hartmund -

      Well this is the 'Wall' sir patton. If you care to use the game's 'COMMUNITY,' 'Message' system, I believe it's better. Players see it when the 1st come in the game. It's easy to miss this wall, or any other forum based message system.