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  • NexusDarkon -

    Hello I was told to contact you for an account. If so I was wondering if you can delete my account so I cant add my Gmail to my new account because I've deleted my CoW account but never was able to use my Gmail again. The account is NexusDarkon, my Gmail is mikedwoods07@gmail.com

  • Greenphoenix -

    Hi i need to delete my account but i cant access it can you help?
    I was banned for my account name but after several emails to the mod who asked for replacements he never changed it. i just returned and he has banned me again and is not responding to my emails and he still hasnt changed the name. ive been attempting to contact him for 7 days and he still hasnt responded. i have also sent more support forms but i am not getting a response. The account is cuuntusfuunkus and the email is Jdalyjames@outlook.com.
    If you could get someone to fix the situation and the 2 games and 30+ hours i have now lost that would be great. if not could you delete my account pls.

  • Ted -

    If I need Help> How do I get it? Having problem with the research. will not let me do any.

  • Oxalaia -

    I have heard about you through Supremacy :D

  • crimsoncrusader -

    Greetings... JAWS! Summarizing: I am the average working JOE. This is not a game friendly game to folks that have to work, have families or what not? is this game designed for the teenagers in mind? I do not have the liberty of playing 14/7 like some kids do, and it is simply not fair when you play against players that do not work, unemployed and kids with unlimited time on their hands? I am a player, I buy gold and am a member, so, I exercise my freedom of speech to document this. I tried to offer my suggestions via the chat, but I receive kid responses, not intelligent ones, maybe I should known better to play on a kid site? i am looking for a reason to continue to play the game. if it was more time friendly I would continue to play here. Is a good game other than this. I am a gamer when I get free time, I got many friends that play on WWO, or At War. Can not get my friends to stay here, they may play for a few days but they quickly discover that it is very time-consuming when it comes to moving troops and upgrades, they return to their old games like AT war or WWO. I love this game but it is not time friendly for the average working Joe like me who have families. if you choose to make some tweaks and make it a more time friendly game please ket me know, I am almost eady to return to the faster paced MMO global domination war games like my friends that I have tried to get them to stay here, but always the killer is: it is too slow of a game for them? Is a suggestion but f you choose to make it more compatible for the working class Jane's and Joes's revenue would greatly increase, i am a gamer, I am the messenger, i now what type of games people prefer, they frown upon the games that are slow, especially ones that take three months just to complete a map, there must be some sort of compromise or I will be forced to play for another game, but i like most of this game, the killer is the time. I am playing now, regardless, hoping that you would consider these suggestions which I know you have heard before. Awesome game but I do have to work and te time does put a stress on my life as a family man. Please consider the blue collar workers like me, and not be just groomed for kids and the unemployed. respectfully, Crimson Crusader.

  • donleon -

    Hi Jaws, good morning. wanted to play this free sunday morning, but already unable to enter the game 1316408 for an hour.
    any clues?

  • Hygge -

    Hey Jaws
    I will like you to delete my account of this game because I won't be able to use this account more. My email is rojdi_cen@hotmail.com Here is the link of the site:
    - callofwar.com/game.php

    It seems that when I tried to do it myself, it does not work. The only options in settings are "Profile information," "Subscriptions," and "Change Password."

    Can you please help?

    Greetings from Hygge

    • Jaws -

      Your account has been disabled.

  • Kelemen Aron -

    (Germany) ich hab da eine frage wie kann ich ins forum schreiben

  • maj.tom -

    Hi Jaws,
    I am not sure whether I m at the right address with my question on "how to start a internal alliance game".
    Thing is, I'd like to kick some life in to that alliance, but I m not it 's leader and I don't know how to start alliance games.

    so if it's ok I'll just copy the link here:


    Kind regards,

  • Seth Andres -

    In about me you should put (Dun Dun Dun Dun Da Da) or however the Jaws theme went.

  • drt545 -


    I had an account on here through my facebook, and I tried to get online today, but it said my account was banned. I am not sure why, I didn't do anything besides play the game. My email is drt545@yahoo.com. I was active in 3 games. Can you please help?

    Thank you,

  • bowlin1233 -

    figurefive ban someone for not speaking English (what if you speaking another language and you got ban for speaking another language)

    • Jaws -

      Unfortunately, due to moderating needs, the game is split up into several different language servers each catering for specific language groups. Therefore language rules are enforced on each server.

  • Butter Ball Bill -

    I want to talk to you about something. Should I contact you here or the main page? Which is easier? Thanks.

    • Jaws -

      Conversation at the top of forum works, or PM via main page.

    • Butter Ball Bill -

      Thank you.

  • Djbio -

    When i klick am Karbala .Normaly have you than a display were stoot Karbala core province of Irak. but that doesnt aply. that is in a lot of cames so.
    I am The free france and was in need of oil and i think.
    Irak is naerby and I need the oil.
    So I atack it.
    First take I Karbala and thand the captial of Irak.
    23 times stoot in the news paper that I have taken Karbala.
    But when I go there.
    I saw that me units still are fichting .
    You are from the suport.
    Can you help me please

  • tk6441 -

    how to i delet my account

    • Jaws -

      Send me a PM via the game homepage and I can take care of that.

    • Greenphoenix -

      Hi i need to delete my account but i cant access it