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  • Asyikin -

    Brother, yuk main bareng. Dm gw lewat IG ya @eggiansyah

  • MontanaBB -

    Welcome to the Forum, Avraim. Let us know if you're here for particular questions. Cheers.

    • Avraim -

      Oh yeah thanks, I got several questions. There's countdown and lighting bolt above unit when they battle, what's the meaning of that countdown to be exactly?

      I found this forum but it doesn't solve it.

      I see there's "Spy" silhoutte symbol on enemy units, what's that mean ?
      When I patrol my planes and spotted an enemies, it's appear.
      I'm already ask to staff mod, but I don't get full answer. How the mechanism of it, or when it does appear, and when it disappear?

      And I have faced difficulties..
      An enemy infantry breaking my defensive line and marching toward my undefended province.. It's very effective to sent paratroopers there.. I have paratroopers nearby but it can't land on our own province. So sadly my province's occupied by the enemy, even I took it back with my paratroopers, the morale has been dropped badly. I hope paratroopers can land on it's own province.

    • MontanaBB -

      Easy-peasy ----

      The little red-and-black lightning bolt icons mean the two units are locked in direct ground combat ("melee") until the battle is resolved.

      Ground units only "attack" once per hour during melee combat, so the countdown ticker is the time remaining before the attacking unit stack applies its attack values to the defending stack.

      The little black spy-in-the-fedora icon usually represents some form of intelligence. In many instances you may be looking at where an enemy unit was revealed to be either by spies, aerial reconnaissance, or if you have a "shared intelligence" alliance with another player, by their aerial recon or spies. If you see the little black spy icon, click on the enemy unit and it will tell you how old the intelligence is -- the enemy unit may have moved or even been destroyed since the info was revealed. All intel disappears at the time of the daily update.

      Paratroopers cannot "attack" a province that you already control, only provinces controlled by another player. I used to play CoW games a lot, but I am now playing my first match in 19+ months. The new (ish) paratrooper unit was added since the last time I played. That's why I was asking a lot of questions about the paratrooper unit, addressed to other experienced players who have actually used it.

      I've now had 10 days to use paratroopers in my current game, and I will be adding some of my thoughts to that thread later tonight.

      Hope this helps. No such thing as a dumb question. Only dumb players who are too embarrassed to ask. That's why the Forum is here.


    • Avraim -

      Thanks a lot..
      Yes I don't see that one, "Intelligence From"

    • Avraim -

      I'd like to ask another question, In Provinces info It said that infantry has advantage on Hills, but I can't find "Strength plus percentage" in Units Info.
      How to understand this?