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  • simon -

    Hey Merlin. Funny. I rarely ever chat on here. Anyway, I just wanted to compliment you for stating your desire to make the game more enjoyable for other people. Admirable are those who think of others before themselves. When I was designing games as a hobby back in the 1980s I went around to people I'd secretly selected that would give me an honest answer to a very simple yet very important question. "What do you hate most about board games?" Well, I got some pretty unexpected answers as well as a few predicted ones, but the more people I asked, the more the answers differed, so my sneaky plan of finding out the main hatred had failed. Then going over all the answers again I saw that instead of one dominating, four different answers were closely equal, comprising about 80% of them. The rest were mostly best forgotten. The four most hated things about the common board games were, (not in any order) One. When they took too long to finish or could under rare circumstances potentially go on forever. Two. Complexity/difficulty Three. unappealing Subject matter. Four Luck factor too high with little or no skill needed to win. With these answers in mind, I ended up creating two different games that I play tested for years but only with friends. A few of them play CoW when they can and you would not make the game more enjoyable for them I can assure you. There are many many others out there besides them and myself who greatly dislike the ruining changes. But you said you only played once under the old game, so that explains your quick dismissal of supporting a much more historic version that you might have liked much better had you played a great deal more than only one game.