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  • pythonpix -

    I'd like to be part of this roleplay

  • Maracel II -

    Hello i been trying to join the Roleplayers Allaince beacause i like to Roleplay but i cant join for unknown reasons

  • LightningTurk -

    Hello, I heard you were interested in joining a Roleplayers Alliance.

    My name is LightningTurk, and I am the head of The Roleplayers Union, a series of bytro alliances dedicated to roleplaying.

    We currently have two branch alliances on Call of War and are preparing two official RPU roleplay rounds.

    In the past, we have had many roleplays on Supremacy 1914 such as the victorian roleplay:

    The Fallout Roleplay:

    The Supremacy Universalis Roleplay:

    If you are interested in joining us, apply to "The Roleplayers Union" alliance on the main call of war page.

  • LonelyRhombus28 -

    Are you Turkish?

  • LightningTurk -

    I have Returned!

  • worldwar2history -

    Join my ww3 rp

  • Bill Nye's a Russian Spy -

    Putins having Turkey for dinner.