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  • Alexandera Nevsky -

    hi Orange! I'm hungry... plus, there was someone on Sup 1914 called "I hate oranges" lmfao

  • whowh -

    Are you still around?

  • MiloK32 -




  • Rupalibowma723 -


  • CornStuffing -

    Banned Multi

    • Aritemis -

      What do you mean, banned multi? Did you get banned for multi accounting?

  • jackpot96 -

    I hope you can help me with a question. I was in an active Alliance called EDF Reichskommissariat Frankreich and was on day 2 of an alliance game 6 vs 6 and the alliance was deleted by COW. I don't understand or know for certain why it was deleted. Do you have any idea who could do this or why?

    • Agent Orange -

      Hi Jackpot96, I have no idea what happened, but you can message a senior moderator about that and they should be able to get you an answer!

    • DoctorDR1 -

      Hi jackpot96! Your leader should have gotten a message from one of our GOs regarding this.

  • Comrade genz -

    Your new avatar is creepy

    • Agent Orange -


    • RBoi200 -

      that just makes it even creepier

    • Comrade genz -

      An orange became alive and kidnapped people, that is what the avatar looks like (no offence)

  • Jeff Starbucks -

    so if I don't have discord I can't be in your alliance?

  • Karl von Krass -

    why keep the guides locked, there should be some amount of.... discord in it

    • Agent Orange -

      I locked the infrastructure guide because I didn't want people to post on it while I was still creating it. Once it is finalized I will unlock it.

  • Karl von Krass -

    you earned a follower

  • JAquinto23 -

    Hello can you make a guide in every doctrine? I would truly appreciate it :)

    • Agent Orange -

      I will try to get to that, I need to be in contact with bytro to see if I can get some additional permissions to expand these guides

    • JAquinto23 -

      Thank you :)

  • V0IDz -

    What alliance are you in? I'd like to check it out