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  • MiloK32 -

    aight imma unfollow

  • Karl von Krass -

    What happened

  • Admiral Rubinstein -

    Dear YourGaurdian,
    I would like to ask for the Discord link, you mentioned in a thread.


    • YourGaurdian -

      For what? The Alliance? Or CoWmunity, the CoWmunity is deleted...

    • Admiral Rubinstein -

      For the alliance, excuse me being short-spoken

  • eli1188jah -

    Hey could you send me the link for the discord?

  • hanno -

    Hey I’d be interested in playing with you guys. 2.2 K/D and been playing this game for years

    • YourGaurdian -

      I sent u the link to our discord server. Pls join to continue

    • YourGaurdian -

      What's ur in game name?

  • Comrade genz -

    Hi you can change your vote in my thread.

  • BluPanzer -

    I'm looking for active alliances as well. Maybe I could notify you if I find one