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  • whowh -

    Imagine only being active for one day...

  • GeneralAumSum -

    why did you like every post on my wall, also why did you follow me

  • Karl von Krass -

    Question, do you know Nova beforehand?

  • BluPanzer -

    Why did you like all my posts

  • MiloK32 -

    Why did you like everyones posts but anyway thx

  • food56 -

    My name is food so why wouldn't you follow me back :D

    • Fluffy Pancake -

      thats true

    • Comrade genz -

      He spams likes to get followers

    • RBoi200 -

      yep so many likes

    • RBoi200 -

      though they don't matter because they are wall posts.

    • Comrade genz -