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    i think there should be a surrender diplomatic relation. where if you capture the capitol of an ai or inactive country they have a 75% chance of surrendering. this will get rid of having to capture all provinces, especially in the 1939 historic world war map. also all provinces gained by a surrender will not have a chance of an uprising, because that would cause a whole other problem. once a country surrenders there would be a newpaper article reporting on the event, for example, the head of the article will say something like, "France Surrenders to the German Empire". the body of the article will say something like, "Today at 9:51 France has surrendered to the German Empire, this is regarded by the french people as a tragic defeat, but regarded by the German people as a glorious victroy." Then below there would be a final casulties report. it is so annoying trying going to war with britian or france in the 1939 map and can't capture all provinces. i really hope this is implemented, in the near future. thank you