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  • purplepizza117 -

    I see your Albanian/Kosovo flag profile picture. Are you by any chance Albanian?

  • ilirkrasniqi -

    Hi everybody! If anyone wants to play big games, than he/she should play this game 1309396!!!

  • ilirkrasniqi -


    father frost is approaching with mighty steps! This calls for a new strategy as well as technical innovations, and we would like to administer an in fact not so humble contribution to that: the Self-propelled Anti Tank might add quite some spice to your game, here the hard facts:
    The Tank Destroyers belong to the hard armour class.
    It moves with raised speed.
    To balance this unit, we lowered the defense and attack values.
    As we received a lot of helpful feedback, we did some extensive bugfixing and a bit of balancing - thank you all for your help! The following improvements and fixes have been made:
    The Rally Point display has been fixed.
    An issue where spies in conquered provinces could not be used but cost upkeep is fixed now.
    We fixed the province tooltips that showed the same name for all units and buildings.
    A few players could not finish the tutorial due to a non-executable task, this is fixed now.
    The edit and report button in the newspapers are working again.
    Airplanes state turned inconsistent when their target died during attack, we fixed this.
    The distribution of resources in the 100 player map has been worked over.
    We have been correcting typos and errors in the maps, you have helped us a great deal collecting all these!
    The Call of War Headquarter

  • ilirkrasniqi -

    i just hate those who make alliance with some countries and than they attack them after their armies aren't strong as they were before. please can we do something on that and prevent that from happening ?