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  • BRDubbs -

    hey Montana. That happened this week. Been on staff almost 1.5 years. Found myself too engrossed in the game and work that I was forgetting about real life. Taking a break. Thanks for asking!

  • MontanaBB -

    When did you become a "retired hero?"

  • Diminoit -

    déban me
    Bonjour , je joue a Call of War depuis 5 - 6 jours et je viens d ' être banni car mon frère joué en même temps que moi sur un autre compte mais avec la même connection , mon compte est Diminoit / email : , celui de mon frère est : Diminoit B , pourriez vous nous débannir , je ne c pas si c ' est au bon endroit que je vous parle , mais faite vite , je n ' ai pas envie de perdre toutes mes troupe !!! , si il y a besoin de preuve , mon skype Diminoit D

  • Peachez -

    Hello support team, recently I discovered a problem where when your in the trade market to buy or sell, i can only offer $60 per unit for raw materials but no other goods. It only allows me to offer $30 per unit of food,oil,etc. while everyone else can offer $60 out spending me... Please fix this glitch. Besides that... Great game! Keep up the good work!

  • Rains of Castamere -

    hello, i read that i have to message a moderator to change my screen name in a game? is that possible to do? my game name is Blair Bartelmes and id like to change it to Rains of Castamere.


    • BRDubbs -

      Hi Rains, Not sure how you got to me, but I am not a moderator. Best of luck!