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    hii a Zarathusta!

  • Regolo. -

    Good afternoon,
    I'm an 45 years old, military serving Italian Army and I am an user of your game Call of War.
    I’d like to show the situation in which I had to compare on the game server in Italy.
    In particular in the game number 2.483.687, I play with the user name Regolo. (Northern Urals)
    Just few days ago I reported to your IT game operators some behaviors, greatly offensive, by some players (especially Sasa Cigo - Iraq) brought against the undersigned and also consisting of serious personal offenses.
    To my grievances, sent on line, your referent Pretoriano Nero reported that measures had already been taken, but offensive chats were still on the world Herald (right now too).
    At the moment, no measures were taken except for deleting all my private messages and all my article on the journal.
    In my position feeling like calling, before all, a “little man” by a stranger it is not a good thing!
    I think this is not the way to operate, since being put in the pillory and publicly and freely offended by another player I think you deserve a more exemplary punishment, also because, having contributed strongly to your game, with the purchase of game packages for many euros, I feel unprotected by your control system.
    This is not the first time that such a things happen so I would not like, as typical of our national character, that I contrast hard, there was a kind of mob involving some players and your representatives.
    In fact, Pretoriano Nero player's logo is identical to that of the X Mas Alliance, which is also part of it, indeed it is its leader.
    In the game number 2.483.687 there are actually players who are part of this alliance.
    The doubt about the morality and integrity of your game operator therefore arises strongly.
    I think that a game operator would not be a player too.
    As for the above, I invite you to clarify this last aspect, also because, as things stand, it will be difficult for me to continue to support you financially with my purchases.
    In order to this and perhaps a confirmation of the fact that on the Italian server the situation quite bad due to questionable people could also be given by the fact that I repeatedly asked to join the game operators, offering my experience, my professionality and my impartiality, but I have never received an answer.
    I am your beck and call if you need my cooperation in the game IT server for respect and fair play.
    Waiting for your kind reply I Thank you very much for your attention.
    Best regards.

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    как удалить аккаунт

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    I got banned can you please help me

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    hello :)

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    or there is someone higher than you who to talk to?

  • faband -

    do you think if one had problems with some elements of the Italian team could talk to you?

  • CapSteew -

    Hi Zarathustra. My game on block!! I want to play this game!!!

  • Monsieur_Pat -

    2 days that i ask to delete my ally "1259735" coz we are the 4 last player of this funny game willing to play together in the future.
    Unfortunately, we create more than one ally for this to happen and...i'm alone in this ally 1259735 AND asked to join my new friends in teir ally at the same time...LOL
    SO, i asked simply to delete this aliance in order to join another one?
    Is it possible ?
    In KoC it takes 2 seconds to delete, change in the alliance managed by the players themselves.
    Really good funny game and good job.
    Thx 2all

    Suggestion: in KoC all the alliances are managed by the players with an player administrator which is often the founder or his successor without any work for the staff or the moderators.

  • Bordogna -

    Hi, I'm a player who plays in the Italian server
    I contact you regarding a permanent ban from your moderators unjust playing 1-258-848
    I have not violated any regulation, because the expulsion from their date makes reference to an insult "GRAVE", for moderators respond to a player (who complains that you use the gold) tell him to "stop whining like a greenhorn" GRAVE is an offense, honestly for me it is not ...
    and the fact that I was ejected from the game permanently, without notice or warning, I do not even contacted ... they have taken and permanently banned from the game, and only after they told me why!
    after I spent about 120 € in 3 months in that game and myself always behaved well, this is the way they treat me .. just because I too have changed (without missing too much of respect) and said: "the gold They are part of the game and who can use them as it should be ... stop crying like a baby "
    Now I appeal to you for justice! I have spent time and money er that game, and I was expelled unjustly and against the rules!
    P.S. unfortunately I have to admit that I have changed a lot with the moderators, writing heavy items Forum and implementing a kind of threat .. so I apologize in advance .. but must understand my anger .. hours and hours lost money for a mistake moderators!

    thanks for his possible involvement in the case and take this opportunity to offer you my best regards

  • Kelemen Aron -

    (Germany) ich hab da eine frage wie kann ich ins forum schreiben

  • Abumedinah -

    Selling extra/ surplus troops as mercenaries on the stock market? I think it would be great idea. Because sometimes troop production is so low/slow to create a unit of what ever kind. I know there are ways to increase production of troops levels however in the game, some times you need extra troops, oil, food etc. however and to buy them from the stock market would be nice. just like buying and sell troops like any other commodity in the game.

    looking forward to Your thoughts?
    Thank you.

  • et1et2 -

    ciao perchè
    nn riesco a vedere i l manuale?

  • Zarpescador -

    Hello ... I do not know if the right ....
    ........ I need help when I play the game is permanently loading the state of play .... and ..... not advance as I can solve this problem ???

    Thank you

  • Zarpescador - se si hago lo correcto ....
    necesito ayuda........cuando quiero jugar el juego se me queda permanentemente cargando el estado de juego....y no avanzo.....como puedo solucionar este problema???


  • Zarathustra -

    We're excited about our beta release of Call of War. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact me!

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      I just want to say good luck
      And I like your photo
      I mean avatar

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      Good Luck