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  • PAD_Minotaur -

    Hey! I made a World War I RPG. If you are interested, please go to the link below. I don't know if you remember me, but I am Carl Wilson. I made a WW2 RPG about 2 years ago which you played as France in. Please feel free to join this one, just make sure you read the rules and Tech Tree restrictions first. Nice to meet you again!…/14102-the-great-war-rpg/

  • bannaboat49 -


  • Barrimann -

    I write in large letters because I'm near blind and want to be sure my typing hasn't gone horribly astray. Also, I like blue. (Can't be sure I haven't made a mistake in this message, so pardon me if I have.)

    • Kehsct -

      You actually haven't made a mistake in this message. It's good to know that there's a good reason behind typing in large letters.

    • Barrimann -

      Think what I'll do in the future is shrink the latters back down to "Squint" size after I'm done typing. Have to admit the size of the message block looks rather egotistic. Thanks for the head's up.

    • Kehsct -

      No problem.

  • Bill Nye's a Russian Spy -

    You... How'd you get access to view my profile? It's protected by best of Russian firewall!

  • Carl Wilson -

    Welcome to the RPG! This game doesn't start until all players are here, so DON'T ATTACK ANYONE until I post in the paper that the World is at war. Thanks for joining, and please know that the the game time doesn't officially start until I say so. This means that Germany has to invade Poland by Day 5, but if the game doesn't start until Day 2, then Day 7 would would Day 5. NO ATTACKING TILL I SAY, BUT MOVING AND RESEARCHING IS ALLOWED.

    To find the game go to New Games and search the following game number in the search box, the game that appears is our game:

    JOIN AS ALLIANCE 1, AND NO ATTACKING ANYBODY. Make sure you read the rules thoroughly.

    Game Number: 1448620
    PIN: lockedRPG or RPGlocked, one or the other.