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  • KillerInTheDark -


  • Patch54 -

    My neighbor is speaking in aanother language?

  • SteveMonster -

    who is steve monster

  • Diabolical -

    Hello, it's me. I've finally won my appeal and got restored to forums and the chat system. Unfortunately, I had to give up my swirl-flavored ice cream privileges permanently but it was worth it. Ironically the swirl flavor tasted better than my current favorite, but not by much.

  • NIVEK -

    Hello King, I have one question to ask you, how do you beat a city that has a level 5 fortification ? Or any type of fortification.

    • Phoenix King -

      I've found that strategic bombers work best. Sorry for the late response.

  • Jack Kennedy. -

    Nice image of profile