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  • MontanaBB -

    Hey. I heard your ping, but I've never played the Antarctica map, so I really don't feel qualified to offer any advice without even having seen the map. Sorry about that, chief.

  • Futz -

    look into Rogues If you meet the requirements stated in our description. we do monthly internals, alliance matches and just for fun games together.

  • Razorwire62 -

    yes gold can put out as fast as you can spend it. as long as you have the bare requirements for production a person can produce a large army in a very short time. I have seen 50 units built in only a couple minutes. no hax its just gold buying.
    playing 2 countries at once is against game policy and that is cheating. you can report it and game admins can investigate.

  • m1tanker632 -

    How do you report a cheat. I am heads up with someone who is playing 2 nations and producing three time what I am killing in hours. Also totally destroyed cities are putting out multiple units. I know gold can do this but at this rate? and playing more than 1 country?