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  • 6767avfff -

    what do you think about my suggestion ?

  • John Gifford -

    Well I started an alliance. It's called ELDERS. Will send you a invite if your interested

  • John Gifford -

    just started as Madagascar in game 2535642, could use an ally in Africa! Plenty of spots!

  • Eternal Dane -

    Are you here to save Sweden and Europe from immigrants? If not, then join with the movement now!

    #LiberateMalmö #SaveSweden



  • PAD_Minotaur -

    Hey! Carl_Wilson here! I made a World War I RPG, and there is still United Kingdom, Russia, and France left. Please feel free to go to the following link, and register if you feel like it. Glad to meet up with you again:


  • patton232 -

    please join my game 1886447

  • Romulus947 -

    Heya! #SilverHairedSoldiers. Maybe you guys could merge with The Wolf Den. Join this link before saying yes or no: discord.gg/dWZKQmZ

  • Carl Wilson -

    Welcome to the RPG! This game doesn't start until all players are here, so DON'T ATTACK ANYONE until I post in the paper that the World is at war. Thanks for joining, and please know that the the game time doesn't officially start until I say so. This means that Germany has to invade Poland by Day 5, but if the game doesn't start until Day 2, then Day 7 would would Day 5. NO ATTACKING TILL I SAY, BUT MOVING AND RESEARCHING IS ALLOWED.

    To find the game go to New Games and search the following game number in the search box, the game that appears is our game:

    JOIN AS ALLIANCE 1, AND NO ATTACKING ANYBODY. Make sure you read the rules thoroughly.

    Game Number: 1448620
    PIN: lockedRPG or RPGlocked, one or the other.

  • Carl Wilson -

    ​Alright! Registration is open!
    The game details are below!

    Game Number: 1445540​
    Password: RPGlocked
    Alliance: 1

    You join the game once Britain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Spain joins, and if they haven't joined by the time you see this message, just wait and try later. You cannot attack till Monday. Feel free to do researches and movements though. Also remember:

    Game-play Rules:
    No gold-use in any part of the game.

    No foul-talk

    There is no reason to post in the newspaper daily, just be active.

    Any players who are absent without notifying me before-hand for more then 6 days are removed.

    Only Axis factions map attack neutral territories. (Miniature factions such as Canada or Luxembourg are Neutral.

    No factions can attack within the first 2 days unless the Axis attacks a faction first.

    Each faction may only have a max of TWO NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS at any given point in the game.

    America cannot attack any Axis powers until day 12 unless they are attacked before then.

    Germany has to have invaded Poland by day 5.​

  • ShadowHawk5 -

    I joined the World at War one didnt realize you were talking about a different one but there it still plenty of slots open its a 100 player world map RP axis allies and communists, if you are interested talk to Maximilen there are more open slots because some people signed up for a country but never joined