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  • Dr. Leipreachán -

    Hello boss :)

  • JagerandIQ -


  • donleon -

    Hi Faey, Ik heb een probleem dat ik mijn spel winnend heb afgesloten vorige week en er nog geen goud bij heb gekregen. spel nr 1596632
    kan jij hierin wat betekenen?
    Thanks, Léon

    • Faey -

      Hey donleon, please send a ticket to our support staff by using the button at the bottom of the website. Thanks!

    • donleon -

      Thanks Faey, see if this works...

  • Saltytaco's -

    so with large nations are a issue on how it works and all but I came up with the Idea that the nation is whole. Know what I mean like hole is like a how you split it up into sections so just like a team the country sections are one and there supplies are pooled all together making it hard for people to over spend there budget. IF you see this tell every one and if they do make a map out of this Then I want to work on (Call of war map designing) if so plz!
    Also could Recon units be added?

    • Faey -

      Thanks for your suggestion. This would be a major feature, so I cannot make a promise to you. But we wil consider it :)

  • Lellek -

    I present to you the idea of the new features in the game that maybe in the future we'll see. What would you say to the ability to move troops in light airy space?
    PARAGAN, guerrillas, militia and cannon, moved deep into the enemy rear. Please let us know ...

  • Paul Wolfowitz -

    Did you kill freezy?

  • Pablo22510 -

    You paid a salary by Bytro?

  • Lujulian2003 -

    ¿Como se puede entrar al nuevo mapa del Pacifico?

  • LODG -

    I have a question why not play for Czechoslovakia?

  • JLMOE -

    Are the Servers Down from Mn USA?

  • Juan Bertin -

    What are the requirements for working for Call of War/Bytro Labs working on the systems programming and bug-fixing?

  • Caesar -