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  • whowh -

    You mind doing another presidential race series for us? I saw your old ones and they were great.

  • PAD_Minotaur -

    Hey! I played your Modern Day Roleplay with my old account called Carl_Wilson. I had a lot of fun until India went on a gold race and broke the game. I was wondering, are you making a new one anytime soon? Also, would you like to join a World War I RPG I have made, the Entente is still available, and Turkey is Reserved.

  • Darth Anor -

    Can I please be in the next roleplay you make

  • demex134 -

    hello i would like to join the RP if possible i want to be Malaysia you can contact me through my Cow Account name demex002 thanks

  • worldwar2history -

    Whats the passward for rp

    • vex03 -

      Not a communist will send it to your inbox.

  • worldwar2history -

    wanna join my roleplay vex

    • vex03 -

      I'm already in queue for quite a bit RP's the way it is. Thanks for the offer though.

  • GreatbigHippo -

    Hello! Are you going to continue the elections?

    • vex03 -

      Yes indeed! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      POTUS elections have begun now!

      Congratulations on winning your heavily populated party!

    • Bluephantom956 -

      POTUS? President of the United States for an RP?

  • Caesar -

    An American Patriot!

    • vex03 -

      Yes sir indeed!

    • Caesar -

      You have one new follower!

    • Caesar -

      If you are interested join in one alliance with people with experience, talk with me.