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  • Diabolical -

    Lol, the Clownpunk has been deposed.

    I wonder what he did to get banned? Well, if you're reading this, Clownpunk, learn from me. If you make a mistake, try to atone for it and request to be reinstated.

    I've been banned before. Of course, I can't discuss the whys and whereabouts, etc., but, suffice it to say, that if you are sincere in dealing with the staff, you can appeal to their good graces and try to find an understanding that is amenable.

    Remember, the best way to avoid getting banned is to be polite, respectful, and try not to say too much when you're in a fowl mood. Trust me, I know that all too well.

  • Clanpred -

    yes indeed NF 4-5 players?

  • Futz -

    Hi Mario. I would like to discuss a friendly alliance game. We have some untested new blood also. Interested?

  • Clanpred -

    taking lots of provinces

  • Cwalen -

    How does one get -1994 points?

  • Clanpred -

    search for Ruffnecks and apply

    I sent u an invite

  • Balcom1989 -

    how do i join you?

  • Clanpred -

    u can still join. PM me, don't use wall

  • WhoDats -

    never received a password for the match ... team 2 South Africa here

  • The Almighty Jewbear -

    Hey clan, i wanted to join the invitational game, but i didnt receive any info.

  • shub41 -

    I cant find game number or password. Please help

  • ribyfar -

    Could not get into the game at first - had to copy and paste password to work, could not just type it in. I was added to the conversation list and had selected Team 4/Romania, but was never added to the team list in notifications. Looked again just before I entered game and saw I was finally assigned to Team 3/East Yakutia. When I got into the game, I tried to choose East Yakutia, but it was not listed under Asian countries. I choose Random Select and was given Romania, my first choice. Did I do the right thing? or have I messed up the team structure?

  • Clanpred -

    si claro, y tu de donde eres? no me digas que eres de Cadiz o Malaga lol.

  • Pablo22510 -

    Hey, you live in Gibraltar?