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  • Clanpred -

    taking lots of provinces

  • Cwalen -

    How does one get -1994 points?

  • Clanpred -

    search for Ruffnecks and apply

    I sent u an invite

  • Balcom1989 -

    how do i join you?

  • Clanpred -

    u can still join. PM me, don't use wall

  • WhoDats -

    never received a password for the match ... team 2 South Africa here

  • The Almighty Jewbear -

    Hey clan, i wanted to join the invitational game, but i didnt receive any info.

  • shub41 -

    I cant find game number or password. Please help

  • ribyfar -

    Could not get into the game at first - had to copy and paste password to work, could not just type it in. I was added to the conversation list and had selected Team 4/Romania, but was never added to the team list in notifications. Looked again just before I entered game and saw I was finally assigned to Team 3/East Yakutia. When I got into the game, I tried to choose East Yakutia, but it was not listed under Asian countries. I choose Random Select and was given Romania, my first choice. Did I do the right thing? or have I messed up the team structure?

  • Clanpred -

    si claro, y tu de donde eres? no me digas que eres de Cadiz o Malaga lol.

  • Pablo22510 -

    Hey, you live in Gibraltar?